Why Does He Do That? Why Does She Do That? Two Experts talk truth about dating

When academics can translate complex physiological and psychological gender differences into relatable anecdotes and offer straight forward, easy-to-digest advice, you have the makings of an enjoyable self-help book.

Dr. Reef Karim and Dr. Paula Bloom together tackled the age-old battle of the sexes, the conundrum of “he said, she said,” the test of wills between “Mars and Venus,” and in cleverly organized fashion take us on a journey to a better approach to dating and dealing with our love partners.


Described as the “sex, drugs and relationship” expert, Dr. Reef Karim, known professionally as ‘Dr. Reef,’ wraps hard truths about the gender divide in tasty bacon, making the lesson go down much easier. Dr. Bloom translates scenarios from a woman’s perspective and often times disagrees with Dr. Reef’s take on the situation.

Chapter by chapter, we are taught where to look for love, first date preparation, second date strategies and beyond.

Not surprisingly the sex and sexual politics chapters offer eye opening perceptions that may take some by surprise, and be glaringly obvious to others. Dr. Reef’s perspective on these matters shows his traditional Indian roots – despite his Americanized view on a way of life he has so far sidestepped:



Carnal felicity aside, the nitty gritty questions like “Why does he forget my birthday? Why does she have so many pairs of shoes? Why doesn’t he listen to me?” are all addressed, and specific romantic scenarios are dissected by each doctor as they advise and counsel those in similar relationships with common sense and insight.

Using a lively Q & A format that mixes “aha” moments with “Ha ha” quips, they show what issues large and small can wreak havoc with a couple and how to understand the mixed signals that men and women sometimes give one another.

The subject of chemistry, too, is one that Dr. Reef gives great credence too, an intangible combination of what he refers to as “brain chemistry, physical response to them and heightened sense of awareness” that create a force of nature no one can predict.

That key ingredient, chemistry, is the relationship ‘Trump Card’ that can lay waste all good intentions and plans.

In this lively, entertaining, and no-holds-barred guide, you’ll learn surprising answers to a wide range of questions covering all aspects of a relationship, including : Who should pay on a date and why? How to deal with failure to launch and other sexual misfires. How to know whether you’re ready for the big M (not marriage — monogamy!)

This fun to read book was enlightening and written with authority by two doctors who also each think differently. I loved the spirited exchanges between Dr. Bloom and Dr. Reef and the useful advice they dished out.

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