‘Warehouse 13′ Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly interview, previews for July 6

Syfy’s effervescent hit series “Warehouse 13″ Season Two returns Tuesday July 6th @ 9/8c.

This fantastical series is back for season two and features special crossover episodes when “Warehouse 13’s” Allison Scagliotti visits the town of Syfy’s quirky scifi hit “Eureka” and Neil Grayston of “Eureka” visits “Warehouse 13.”

The programs will air on “Warehouse 13″ Tuesday, August 3, and on “Eureka” Friday, August 6. 

Saul Rubinek (L) Kelly (C) and fast Eddie the Porsche lover (R) courtesy of Syfy

Saul Rubinek (L) Kelly (C) and fast Eddie the Porsche lover (R) courtesy of Syfy

“Warehouse 13″ season two guest stars include Lindsay Wagner, Tia Carrere, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Neil Graystone, Rene Auberjonois, Paula Garces, David Anders, Faran Tahir, Nolan Gerard Funk, Philip Winchester and as well as WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes.

“Warehouse 13″ airs on Tuesday, July 6th at 9/8C only on Syfy.

Monsters and Critics participated in a group conference call with the lead actors Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly, who promise to keep things very interesting between their two characters this upcoming season:

Jamie Ruby: What about the show continues to challenge you?

Eddie McClintock: The hours.

Joanne Kelly: Yeah, the physicality and the hours I think.

Eddie McClintock: Well, for me the challenge is to keep it fresh – we try and make sure that we don’t hit the same beats again and again in episode after episode. So Joanne and I try and communicate to one another if we feel like maybe a beat is stale or we’ve used it before and so, you know, just keeping the show fresh and new is a bit of a challenge for me.

Joanne Kelly: I think that as mentioned before with the hours, people get really tired and to keep the work – the focus on the work and to make sure that it’s continuously good despite the hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4:00 in the morning, it’s still important to make the scene as good as it can be and that sometimes is a challenge but one of the more interesting ones that we – I think we manage to pull it off most of the time.

Eddie McClintock: People come over and they’re like ‘oh I feel so bad, you have worked so long and so many hours and I’ve just been saying to them, I go ditch digger, coal miner, oil rig worker,’ I mean, those people have hard jobs, not me. So when I hear myself say that it keeps me grounded and keeps me from ragging too much about the hours.

Jamie Ruby: What has been like your favorite either scene you’ve filmed so far this season or moment that has, you know, gone on this season?

Eddie McClintock: There is an episode called Around the Bend where an artifact has affected Pete to the point where he begins to lose his sanity. And I have a really good scene with Mark Sheppard that was really a challenge.

I had another scene with Myka and Claudia and Artie that it’s always nice when we have scenes with all of us together because I really feel like we work pretty well together. So when you get everybody in there firing on the same wavelength, it really seems to be a great experience.

Joanne Kelly: I always pick the one that was most challenging to me as an actor was probably an episode that involved an artifact that was a gryphon.

Niagara Frontier Publications: The dynamic between Pete and Myka.  If the two characters were to get together that would be fine too but it doesn’t necessarily have to go there. Can you both tell me a little bit about your on-screen chemistry?

Eddie McClintock: Well Joanne and I figured we’d just get it over with the first week so we got together a couple of times and she – unfortunately she kind of fell for me and I had to tell her to back off. So since then she’s kind of- she’s not quite as hands-on let’s say as she used to be.

Joanne Kelly: Shut up. You see how long I let that go for? Are you impressed?

Eddie McClintock: You know, this is kind of mine and Joanne’s relationship in a nutshell. She and I were being pulled by a car – a camera truck and we were – I was supposed to be driving, she’s sitting next to me, it’s a beautiful day, and we’re being driven. And I just looked at her and I said do you ever get tired of the fact that I can never take anything serious? And she goes sometimes I want to stab you in the eye with a pencil. And she goes but if you were any other way, you know, it just – it wouldn’t be the same.

I have a personality that, it works for me sometimes and maybe not all the time but Joanne is a good sport and she puts up with my Tom Foolery let’s say. And, you know, we truly are like a brother and sister. Like we don’t always like each other.

We spend 15 hours a day 5 days a week. I mean, most families don’t spend that amount of time with each other so – and we’re in a very stressful situation.  It’s like there’s always someone standing there with their watch pointing at their watch going ‘let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, why did you mess up that line, why don’t you know your lines, we’ve got to move, why haven’t you slept?’
So there’s a lot of opportunity for us to just not really care to like one another but we love each other and I have a great deal of respect for Joanne and her work and I think that it reflects in the work that we have on screen. I think that’s maybe why it works so well.

Joanne Kelly: I think that a lot of actors can be very competitive with each other on screen and Eddie and I never competed and I think that’s one of the reasons what people call chemistry is that we actually trust and like one another.

We never compete in things, we let each other do their own thing and that – I think the fact that we’re just so different, I think our personalities allow that to happen and again he puts up with me because I’m not the the light of…

Eddie McClintock: The what?

Joanne Kelly: Why, are you curious?

Eddie McClintock: Yeah a little.

Joanne Kelly: I’m not the happiest chick in the world. Sometimes at 4:30 in the morning I can get a little testy and Eddie makes me laugh. So that’s all I was going to say — or not.

Eddie McClintock: I always love when I look over to Joanne and she has that look on her face like ‘do not look at me, do not touch me.’ So it makes me want to jump around even more even if I’m kind of tired I’m like ‘ooh, all right, this is a good opportunity for me to poke sticks at Joanne.’ So it’s good man, it seems to work so far.

Niagara Frontier Publications Do either of you have a preference if they stay just partners or if they get together and have a relationship?

Eddie McClintock: Well I’ve been saying that in Season 15 Pete and Myka start bumping their wheelchairs into one another in kind of a mating ritual but that won’t be for a long time.

I like the fact that they have enough respect for the boundaries of their job and enough respect for one another not to cross the line. I think it makes Pete a more honorable guy.  It lets Pete earn his other little idiosyncrasies and I think that it gives the character depth. They’re two relatively attractive people that by all rights should want each other but again I think they have a respect and a love for each other that they don’t really go there.

Joanne Kelly: I think any human relationship, any interesting human relationship between two people is complex and it truly takes time to develop, anything that’s worth its salt. And for us to explore the romantic part of it without first exploring the complexities that – of these two people, the partnership that they’re creating and the friendship that they’re creating I think would just short change everyone.

Monsters and Critics: Well you know what’s interesting, I spoke to you guys a few NBC summer press days ago and you were both very nervous about this show. You were doing a panel and presenting it to the TV critics and you were like’what do you think?’ And here you have this huge hit.

Eddie McClintock: When was this? At the TCAs?

Monsters and Critics: NBC Press Day in Pasadena at the Langham. You were there.

Eddie McClintock: Oh right, okay, sure.

Joanne Kelly: I don’t think it had come out yet. Was it out?

Monsters and Critics: You all were promoting it.

Eddie McClintock: And it had already aired?

Monsters and Critics: No the screen had been sent out, it was prior to air date.

Joanne Kelly: Well,  you make these things in a bubble, right? The show, you have no idea how anyone is going to respond to it. I mean, you don’t even know what it’s going to be until you see it.
Until the episodes had actually starting airing, right? I mean, I saw a few episodes but I can never get a sense of it so it’s kind of like you go in there blind. And when people respond to it of course I think there is an element of surprise, you know what I mean? Because you have no idea. I mean, it really is such a subjective thing as well.

Monsters and Critics: Right.

Eddie McClintock: For me this is my fifth series, my tenth pilot, so,  to have somebody actually,  I’m so wanting for the show to be a success especially because, I really like the show and to have somebody go, I mean, when the reviews started coming in and like there were eight good reviews to every bad review, I was just shocked. And then the numbers came in and I still didn’t believe, because I’ve been on a show before that I thought was a hit and then we got cancelled.

Joanne Kelly: Did you buy a car when you thought it was a hit?

Eddie McClintock: Well yeah, I was on a show in ’99 with Tony Shalhoub and Neil Patrick Harris called ‘Stark Raving Mad’ and we won the People’s Choice award so, I bought a Porsche and not a boxer.

Joanne Kelly: Why would you buy a Porsche?

Eddie McClintock: It was a 911.

Joanne Kelly: He’s very impractical this one.

Eddie McClintock: Because I have a very small penis. I’m Irish and it’s cold there.

Joanne Kelly: It’s cold here, cold all the time, cold all the time.

Eddie McClintock: So, to have people say nice things about something that we work so hard to make good is…

Joanne Kelly: To make good?

Eddie McClintock: Yeah, to make good.

Monsters and Critics:  Sure,  Wow this is going to be an awesome transcript.

Eddie McClintock: I wouldn’t say we decide to make it well.

Monsters and Critics: My question is that you’ve got such an interesting array of guest stars. I mean,  Lindsay Wagner, Rene Auberjonois, Paula Garces.

Joanne Kelly: I love Renee.

Monsters and Critics: Can you give us a little bit of insight on who is doing what? Also about Faran Tahir. Can you tell us who is doing what on Warehouse 13?

Joanne Kelly: No we can’t. It’s a secret, you have to watch to find out.

Eddie McClintock: I know that they have released the fact that Jaime or Jaime, Jaime Somers — Lindsay Wagner plays the warehouse doctor so she has already been in one episode and I know she’s coming back to do another episode. Tia Carrere plays kind of a lost love interest for Pete.

Joanne Kelly: A lost love interest?

Eddie McClintock: Because they never – I don’t know if they ever…

Joanne Kelly: Actually consummated the relationship?

Eddie McClintock: I don’t know if they ever…

Joanne Kelly: I think they consummated it bunches.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah well there’s a lot of…

Joanne Kelly: But that’s just Myka’s point of view.

Eddie McClintock: A whole lot of consummating going on. Paula Garces of course plays…

Joanne Kelly: Another, yet another love interest.

Eddie McClintock: Love interest for Pete.

Joanne Kelly: There are so many love interests.

Eddie McClintock: They hooked me up pretty good this year.

Joanne Kelly: Yeah they kind of left me out to dry.

Eddie McClintock: Rene Auberjonois plays a love interest for Myka.

Joanne Kelly: Yes, Rene is sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy man.

Monsters and Critics: Interesting.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah. And it’s awesome man, you know, I get to see all these people who, you know, I grew up watching, I mean, Rene and Lindsay.

Joanne Kelly: And Rene and Lindsay are both lovely, lovely, lovely human beings and Faran.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah, we’ve had really great experiences with everybody. And I think that…

Joanne Kelly: We’ve been lucky.

Eddie McClintock: You know, I think that what – we welcome them to the show, I mean we…

Joanne Kelly: We both know what it’s like to come in and have a stint on a show and not know anyone and have people in a definite rhythm and I think that both Eddie and I and our producers and everyone really tries to make the set a very open and welcoming place for everybody.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah.

Joanne Kelly: A place where you can like really create and dig your teeth in and that you feel free to make choices and that free to create on I think is important to both of us.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah there’s not a lot of stress on the set.

Monsters and Critics: What is the prop or the artifact that you guys play with that you annoy the crap out of the Art Department with and they’re like, ‘put it down, don’t touch it!’ Which prop, which artifact?

Joanne Kelly: Oh that’s more of an Eddie question.

He tries to break stuff. He tries breaking down the door, it’s like 3:00 in the morning, he has to break down a door. He actually tries to break – I’m like do you understand if you actually break the door we have to build a new door and reset it and we will be here until 6:00 am. He continues to try to break the door.

Eddie McClintock: Well how many times do you get kind of permission to kick a door as hard as you can?

Joanne Kelly: A lot in the show. We get lots of time.

Eddie McClintock: Anytime I get an opportunity to kick the door or to slam into something, you know, I like to break it. It looks real.

Joanne Kelly: Yeah, he just likes to break it, not because it looks real.

Eddie McClintock: Last year Joanne threw me through the wall.

Joanne Kelly: Oh I didn’t really throw you through the – well I kind of did.

Eddie McClintock: She had her hands on me and I kind of threw myself around.

Joanne Kelly: No I threw you through the wall.

Eddie McClintock: Okay she threw me. And so, you know, they worry that I’m going to break other things.

Joanne Kelly: Well I do all the stunts.

Eddie McClintock: On my body instead of the props per se.

Joanne Kelly: Yeah Eddie likes to break his body.

Eddie McClintock: Right and I like to break dance.


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