Vexed – DVD Review

Vexed is a modern day British crime solving drama that pits a new detective team DI Jack Armstrong (Toby Stephens) and DI Kate Bishop (Lucy Punch) against some tough cases. 

It doesn’t help matters move along that these two have no chemistry and spend much of their time arguing about the way to proceed with the investigation.

Shown in Britain in 2010, Acorn brings to US viewers for the first time this well received series.  Vexed is a nice twist on the detective duo story, Jack Armstrong is careless, lazy, and out to have a good time, Kate Bishop is dedicated, methodical, and desperately trying to balance work and home life. 

Neither understands the other, and fireworks fly as they try to make a working partnership.  This is a quirky series and may take audiences a bit of time to warm to the characters.  Give it a chance, and you will be rewarded with laughter and entertainment, plus a well-crafted mystery.

It is difficult to believe at first that someone as offbeat as DI Jack Armstrong could function as a good detective, as any kind of detective, he seems to want to do as little as possible, expend the least amount of energy and trouble to his more important personal plans. 

Watch him closely, however, and you will see that underneath the irreverence and attitude, there is a real person who obviously does care about more than his next drink or date. 

Toby Stephens does an excellent job of portraying the character of Jack….at first you want to loathe him, but by the end of the third episode he has become sympathetic. 

DI Kate Bishop is uptight and anxious, competent and efficient, and working with Jack drives her crazy.  Her personal life is falling apart, and she tries to keep the reverberations of disaster from hampering her work or her work ethic.  Slowly we see a little bit of Jack’s attitude invade her armor of perfection, and humanizing her. 

At first we are sympathetic to her character, trying to work with Jack’s crazy approach to detective work, and dealing with her husband’s apparent disinterest in her.  As the series progresses we see that she is actually bossy, and thinks that things should be her way or no way.  She needs to tone it down, and working with Jack has that effect.

Vexed is presented on single disc, with the three episodes of the first series.  Running time is about 175 minutes plus a bonus of the promotional trailer.  Photo galleries add to the fun of this series. 

The opening sequence is unsettling, but a good way to introduce a crime drama that has a bit of everything, can be puzzling to viewers at first, but ends up with us clamoring for more.

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