Universal HHN inspires high school student to create ‘When Hell Comes Home’

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando is a 23 + tradition of taking the best ideas in literature, television and imagination and spinning them into a carefully constructed maze of themed haunted houses and “scarezones” where armies of zombies, mutants or ghost type creations interact with the tourists who come to experience a professional quality Halloween moment.

The last Halloween Horror Nights featured the handiwork of Penn & Teller New(kd) Vegas – a radioactive version of Vegas replete with all kinds of mutated croupiers, waitresses and hotel employees. The HHN experience also involved Alice Cooper’s Nightmares and houses inspired by Silent Hill, Gothic and stage shows by 20 Penny Circus and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Our reporter, Ryan Minas, a student at Agoura High School in Agoura, CA. went to the HHN experience in Orlando this past October, and reported back for us what was seen with some great photos:  HERE

Inspired, Minas has collaborated with other creatives at the school to create Agoura High School Face Your Fears 2013, “When Hell Comes Home.”

Minas says, “Experience six haunted Scarezones and the world’s first 3D Scarezone featuring the rock/techno band “GHOST TOWN” as you make your way into the abandoned city of Ghost Town. Let her pick your fortune, and as the fortune teller picks your fate, come face to face with the most horrifying icon ever. Enter the drive-inn movie theater as the most terrifying characters are ripped from the screens and are waiting for you to come to Deadwood Drive inn.”

“Witness ‘Kyla Carter’ as she invites you into her freak show. Experience a Halloween you don’t want to miss, experience the trick -r treaters who go out on revenge in search of candy for The Tricks of Treaters. When the past comes back to the presents, experience a steam-punk style Scarezone called “Steam Machine,” adds Minas.

Admission includes 3D Glasses ($7). The event is March 9, 2013  6-9pm Saturday. It is located in Agoura Hills,California at the high_school.

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