Toss the Ambien, a bed makeover is what you need

Spring is the time for new beginnings… time to wipe the slate, clean out your closet, your fridge, your phonebook… and your bed!

As you put away those winter-y flannel sheets and duvet covers, why not give your bed a spring makeover as well? 

I recently had a bed break-through.  Instead of replacing my perfectly acceptable bed with a new one -which was totally unnecessary and a complete waste of money- I opted to re-do my existing bed.

The absolute first must-do: Replace your mattress pad.  Come on, admit it, you buy a mattress pad once and forget about it until you get rid of the bed! I’m right, aren’t I?  Well, stop that.  A good mattress pad will cost you less than $50 – as opposed to spending five times as much on a whole new bed – and it will make your bed last a lot longer.


Okay, now that you have the new pad, let’s top that with some new sheets.  I’m not talking about whatever scratchy sheets that are on special at Costco.  I’m talking about soft and comfy sheets that sooth and caress your skin once you are enveloped in your new bed.  And I found just what you need… Gaiam!  Yes, Gaiam, the product line that is associated with the yoga and fitness industry also hosts a line of products for the home and the bed.

Gaiam sheets were discovered purely by accident, and I thought why not try them out, as I love their eco-friendly philosophy that includes 100% organic cotton without chemicals or chlorine. 

Seriously, who actually wants chemicals and chlorine caressing them as they sleep?Are you begging for nightmares?   Ok, enough of that rant… back to my new favorite sheets and the reason I don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.  

Confession time, while I appreciate that sexy nightie with the peek-a-boo crotch, I prefer to sleep in an extra-large, old football T-shirt that is softer than a bowl full of cotton balls.  Just like my old sleep shirt, the Gaiam sheets are made from a jersey material which will only get better and softer when worn and washed repeatedly.  They come in four colors: White, Blue, Camilla (rust-like) and the color I chose to celebrate the new season, Lilac.

Check out for more information.

Ok, so now that I got my new never-get-out-of-bed Gaiam sheets, I needed to splurge on a new blanket. 

Again, don’t lie, when is the last time that you actually bought a new blanket?  And not some lap robe with your favorite team logo on it that you bring to the games or use for the beach…. I mean a serious, grown up, luxurious, feels like silky cream, blanket? 

Well, I’ve got your back!  I beg you to reach out to the American Blanket Company from Fall Rivers, MA, which I bet you didn’t know was once the textile hotbed of the country. 

As they say, American Blanket Company is warming the US economy by keeping jobs local with their new line of high-quality bedding blankets, throws and baby blankets, all made in America.  So, I say, go back to the source!!

Let me get off my “buy American” soap box for a quick sec and explain to you why I am in love with my American Blanket Company blanket.  First, nothing is over $80, so it is affordable, and they send the blankets wrapped up like a beautiful present, and I like that.  

You can also customize your blanket with a special date or a name or a logo… and they are guaranteed for life.  I know, it just keeps getting better and better.  But the absolute best is the feel of the blanket.  I don’t know what the Luster Loft blanket is made of other than cotton, but I’m pretty sure they added some angle wings and unicorn luster in the making of the material.

I know I’m preening, but I had an OMG moment when I first felt the blanket and I want you to experience it too.    It comes in a variety of soft spring colors.  Check them out at

See, making over your bed is simple.  New mattress pad, new sheets, new blanket and I guarantee a beautiful night’s sleep.

Karen V. Stevens is a well-rested segment television producer, USC booster and media/pr consultant living in Los Angeles, California. You can follow her on Twitter

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