The return of the ‘80s leather jacket

The history of the leather jacket was always swathed in toughness and living outside the law.  From romantic highway men to dreaded pirates, from stoic cowboys to motorcycle bad boys, the leather jacket was the armor of the macho man.

The return of the ‘80s leather jacket.

I miss the 80s. The John Hughes films, (Lloyd Dobler rocks), the ‘Thriller’ album, ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’s’ Madonna, before every cheerleading squad across the country did the “monster dance”, big hair, big earrings, Calvin Klein jeans and when the salad bars look over for single bars.

It was also the heyday of the leather jacket.  Every guy I knew owned at least a couple of Member’s Only jackets but the super cool rocker looking studs had the leather version.  I loved that jacket.  Then there was the hair band leather jackets with silver studs and zippers galore, perfect for lipsticks and a pack of Marlboro Reds… don’t judge, it was the 80s and we all smoked!!

The 80’s leather jacket trend went up in smoke when George Michael’s butch black leather bomber was set aflame at the end of his Freedom video.  And then fall fashion cover ups where a sea of pea coats, grunge working man coats, oversized “boyfriend” coats, leopard prints, faux fur and pleather!

The 50’s might claim introduction of the leather jacket to pop culture, but it was the 80s that gave it flair and across the board acceptance by all socio-economic groups.

Now JACHS MANUFACTURING CO is re-inventing my leather jacket…   Hayati Banastey, who was born into a fashion industry family, started the JACHS brand in 2008 with the idea that artistry and intricate attention to detail should make clothing effortless to wear.   His designs are inspired by vintage American style and rugged sophistication.  In my opinion, how every man should dress!  Jachs is basically what a sexy up-scale, football loving, wood chopping, perfect smiling, terribly amusing and delightfully charming guy needs to wear.

A stand out in this year’s Jachs collection is a fabulous retro leather jacket that has been modernized just enough but still retains its’ 80s-ness about it.

It comes in a faded green-black color that matches any casual ensemble you might have in your closet or lying over the mounted animal head in your closet.   The jacket’s details are wide-ish lapels, two front zippers, deep pockets, snaps and a cinched waist.  And at slightly less than $300, this is a fall must have this year!

It might be for him, but I got one for me!!

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