‘The Voice’ Cee-Lo ‘crazy’ for soda is a bad decision, according to bariatric surgeon

Singer Cee-Lo Green is now in the third season of NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ and recently he is seen in a new ad hoisting a 7UP soda as he ponders all the inspirational sound marvels the can opening noise makes.

This fact was pointed out by JiggyHealth.com, and subsequently commented on to Monsters and Critics by Dr. Carson Liu of Los Angeles, a frequent medical news contributor and noted bariatric surgeon.

Green is a pitchman for the soft drink 7UP in a new TV ad.  In the spot, a Cee-Lo baby learns to love the sound of a can of 7UP with music and success. Except childhood obesity is at an all-time epidemic and Cee-Lo is no Jack Lalanne.

Cee-Lo’s morbid obesity is something that is plaguing the nation. This type of obesity typically leads to severe health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Cee-Lo could be a walking time-bomb unless he acts soon to rectify his unhealty weight.

The ad is disturbing primarily for promoting 7UP as a drink to savor for a baby and a teenager. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dr. Liu, considered a world renowned expert in bariatric surgery – agrees that Cee-Lo should never go near the sugar water.

“Yes, Cee-Lo should not be pushing 7-UP – or at least Diet 7-UP! He is the poster child for sugary drinks and obesity. It’s a shame, so much talent and success. Why push carbonated sugar water?  I have the perfect procedure for him to reduce his intake of soda and reduce some weight. Either the lap band or the NO band procedure. Have him call me!”


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