The Muppets – Blu-ray Review

Stars Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) and Amy Adams (Enchanted) bring a happy-go-lucky, sun-drenched, bucket o’ smiles of a Muppets’ movie to the high definition screen and Kermit and Miss Piggy never looked better (though there was some talk of Miss Piggy having had work done).

There is also the introduction of a new Muppet, Walter, who is introduced as Gary’s brother.

With an innocent, fresh from the ‘50s feel, we come to understand that Gary (Segel) and Mary (Adams) have been dating for ten freaking years and, well, they haven’t gotten very far in their relationship. The problem seems to be in the form of Walter.

Walter and Gary have never really grown up. Well, we expect a little growing up of Gary, who we see grow into a man, but we as the audience know that Walter is a Muppet. And that is part of the joke as Gary and Mary don’t seem to realize it. But Mary wants to take a trip (without Walter) with her man Gary and go out to eat at a nice restaurant.

When the opportunity arrives for the pair to go to LA and do some sight-seeing, the two-some becomes a three-some because Gary invites Walter. Of course, it never gets out of hand, because Mary is very patient and lovable and that is just a side-story. Basically, Adams is playing her Enchanted role.

The real story is that when the three of them get to LA (Smalltown must be a suburb—it takes them no time at all to get there) they find the one place Walter has dreamed of visiting is a run-down mess. The Muppet Theatre is dilapidated and sad, and we all feel sad because we, as the audience, love The Muppets. And I speak for everyone, who doesn’t love them? And I think that is the secret to why this movie works.

Of course it must be saved! Enter bad guy super-villain Tex Richman (even the names in this are hokey) who wants to tear down the theatre were so many memories have been made and what else? Drill for oil. Richman is played to the hilt by Chris Cooper who seems to be having too fun in the role.

Gary, Mary, and Walter start a quest to track down each and every one of the original Muppets, starting with Kermit, who lives in a gated mansion. We find out what each Muppet has been doing since their stint on The Muppets. Kermit and Miss Piggy have called it quits. Fozzie Bear has been doing a parody of himself in Vegas with a band called The Moopets. Gonzo owns his own plumbing business (insert lots of toilet jokes here).

As each Muppet agrees to leave their new lives behind for their old, they join the others in Kermit’s car, driven by a robot, and it gets pretty crowded in there. Finally, they decide to go and get Miss Piggy, and I was completely happy, because she is my favorite. And I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get Miss Piggy in that car. Things would be thrown, golden hair would fly. Maybe there would be a kung-fu kick in there somewhere, Miss Piggy style.

What has Miss Piggy been doing all these years? We know from the dialogue that she broke up with Kermit. Well, she has moved to Paris, and is a plus-sized fashion editor. 

With all the gags and silliness, I thoroughly enjoyed The Muppets. Cheap tricks such as how the car will drive to Paris became cute and the warm fuzzies came out. Any other movie, I wouldn’t have bought it, and I wouldn’t have expected that anyone else would either. But The Muppets are so iconic that it is impossible not to have a favorite, and a second favorite, to like all of them, even the annoying ones.

The Blu-ray looks incredible and really gives you a lot for the purchase price thanks to a ton of special features. My personal favorite was the gag reel – where the Muppets flubbed lines and more. It also features deleted scenes, a screen test, a full Tex Richman song, and commentary. Not to mention a great intermission if you put the movie on pause!

So thank you, Jason Segel, for bringing The Muppets back and making me laugh. I did laugh and I loved it. I can’t say anything bad about this movie. Yes, its predicable, but that is its charm. The Muppets are predicable. Like summer popsicles or running barefooted, no matter how many times you have seen Miss Piggy yell at Kermit, it never gets old.

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