The Game was either Twitter hacked or is a moron, allegedly

The Game, aka Jayceon Terrell Taylor, allegedly pulled a dangerous stunt with Twitter and his celebrity power, enlisting fans to swamp a police station phone line.

Los Angeles County prosecutors are weighing potential charges against the rapper after his tweet prompted a telephone flash mob that completely flooded the lines of the Compton sheriff’s station.

According to the Associated Press and FOX news, Game sent a message via Twitter account Friday urged some of his 580,000 followers to call the sheriff’s office dedicated crime line about music internship jobs.

The Game later used his Twitter account to criticize the sheriff’s office, saying, ‘Yall can track a tweet down but cant solve murders ! Dat was an accident but maybe now yall can actually do yall job !!!! #iSpeak4ThePeople’

The Game regularly greets and says goodnight to his Twitter followers:

“Hoodmorning (no typo)”

“Hoodnight (no popo) [police].”

The Game calls himself “Charles Louboutin” on Twitter.  “Christian Louboutin is the red bottom, man,” Game explained in an interview. “I’m kinda like the red connoisseur, so it is what it is, man. ‘Charles Louboutin.’ It’s fly. But you know, everybody always had their nicknames, you know what I’m saying? [Rick] Ross has the — ‘Don,’ Jay-Z got Hov. You know what I’m saying? Dr. Dre’s got Dr. Dre. Snoop [Dogg’s] got Snoop Doggy Dogg. Boss Dogg. So I thought I’d come up with something creative that would kind of sit there and stand for what I am and also give the ladies a little, [smiles], so you know, it’s Charles Louboutin.” (source: Rap-Up TV)

Agency officials started a criminal investigation and will send the results to the district attorney’s office in the next few days.

Game, aka Jayceon Terrell Taylor, may face several misdemeanor counts. He later tweeted that his account had been hacked:

“@whackstar hacked my Twitter earlier….. Arrest him police… He is to blame. #TellinOnYouDemetrius”

TMZ claims The Game has denied having any responsibility for the action.

On Sunday, @thegame Charles Louboutin tweeted:

After reading some of the articles related to this bs, you would think “Kelly Bundy” wrote most of the stories ha ha ha…… #DumbAssMedia

“#IfAliensAttack tell em I’m in Mexico until this media blitz blows over ha ha ha……”

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