The Brady Bunch: Super Groovy a great stocking stuffer for fans

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Stocking stuffer alert for fans of classic American television from the 70s. Mike Pingel has released a comprehensive fan guide to “The Brady Bunch” television series that ran on ABC until 1974.

Pingel has a new book: The Brady Bunch: Super Groovy After All These Years through BearManor Publishing – now available in stores and online at

It was 40 years ago when blended family known as The Brady Bunch family hit the airwaves and chronicled the antics of a lady with three girls and a man with three boys who wed, and lived under one roof and solved life’s problems within 24 minutes.

Pingel challenges you: Do you know your Brady’s?

1. Which Brady said “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia”?

2. Who flushed the never seen toilet in the Brady kids bathroom?

3. Which character was never seen in the final episode of the series?

4. How many Tiger dogs were used in the series?

5. What kind of pet did the girls have?

6. How many episodes was “Pork Chops & Applesauce” said?

7. Which set of Brady kids got ‘married’ during the filming of the series?

8. Which episode did the network demand that the actor wear boxer shorts?

9. Which Oscar winning actor almost became Mike Brady?

10. How many episodes was Sam The Butcher seen in?


TVLand is celebrating the shows 40th Anniversary with airing the series nightly and a special Happy 40th Brady! webpage where fans can watch free episodes and has interviews with some of the cast members.

Pingel delves into the history of the series, exhumes fun facts, illustrates the Brady extended family tree and offers full episode guides.

The book includes new interviews with actors, Ann B. Davis, Susan Olsen, Robbie Rist, Geri Reischl and producers, Sherwood Schwartz, Lloyd Schwartz, plus so much more.   The foreword was penned by “Dallas” star and “Brady Bunch” fan Charlene Tilton.

Mike Pingel has compiled three books, Angelic Heaven: A Fan’s Guide to Charlie’s Angels (BearManor); The Q Guide to Charlie’s Angels (Alyson Books) & The Q Guide to Wonder Woman (Alyson books). 

Pingel released his first book Angelic Heaven: A Fan’s Guide to Charlie’s Angels in 2006. The featured forewords are by Angels: Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Ladd.

An ex Hollywood publicist; Pingel has worked as an actor, and even as a personal assistant to Farrah Fawcett.  He has worked with Charlene Tilton, Pat Boone, the Harlem Globetrotters, Della Reese, Alan Thicke and more. He is also an avid collector of Charlie’s Angels memorabilia. 


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