The Best in Holiday 2012 Gift Finds: USA-made GelPro perfect for cooks

The Best in Holiday 2012 Gift Finds is an ongoing series until December that celebrates the practical to the extravagant, the unusual to the commonly needed items of everyday life.

From food, wine and spirits to beauty, clothing and even home goods and appliances, we have been trying and testing and ultimately weeding out the good stuff you should consider for giving this holiday season. Take us shopping with you.

There is nothing better than getting a gift that is sexy, sharp and functional.

A floor-mat as all three things, you say?

Until you have made a fussy risotto or a mirepoix (or Trinity as some call it) chopping onion, carrots, celery to a fine mince for a big Thanksgiving meal, the stress and strain on the back, legs and hips is what does you in.  Standing for an extended period of time – while cooking, doing loads of laundry and other activities – causes your whole body to ache.

While standing, your leg muscles are in a constant state of flexion, which reduces blood and oxygen flow throughout your body causing fatigue. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around 46 million Americans suffer from arthritis and Newsweek magazine has reported that 65 million Americans experience back pain.

Not so with GelPro, an American made, high-end fashionable mat made for the kitchen, bathroom and anywhere you have to stand on your feet for a spell.

Bonus Intel: Cyber Monday deal from GelPro (, the first brand of stylish and affordable comfort flooring solutions. The company will be offering 25% off sitewide on Cyber Monday.  This is a must-do for anyone who needs a gift for the hard to find types who love quality, and have every kitchen gadget on planet Earth.

Why we love it:

GelPro mats reduce the discomfort of standing on hard flooring while cooking or doing household chores not just in industrial shades, but shiny, embossed beautiful colors that bring warmth into any room and help create a sharp looking accent. For me, that shade is fire engine red, crocodile embossed!


These are the original gel-filled comfort floor mats made with a 100% revolutionary gel core, ergonomically designed to provide the best comfort to your feet, legs and lower back while standing for extended periods of time on hard flooring. Fatigue from long jags of cooking disappear, and that means you can enjoy the party or feast without being knackered and ready for bed when everyone is sitting down to enjoy your delicious spread.

GelPro comfort floor mats have a revolutionary shock-absorbing gel core that cradles your feet providing extra support and cushion. This unique, patented technology provides therapeutic pain relief, constructed with unsurpassed quality and style. Plus, a five year warranty to boot.

We recommend ordering GelPro Plush – their ultra-premium comfort floor mat especially for those suffering from back pain, foot and leg pain, plantar fasciitis, osteoporosis or even arthritis.


Each mat is specially engineered with a patented gel core reinforced with an extra layer of supportive foam for added luxury and therapeutic benefits, and are 50% thicker than standard GelPro mats.  Like all of their mats, they are stain-resistant with an easy-to-clean surface.

The high-traction bottom backing is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute and has antimicrobial additives for added protection. The exceptionally supportive and stylish Plush mat is superior to other conventional mats on the market, making it the perfect addition to your bitchin’ kitchen.

Bonus for designers: GelPro mats are available in more than 600 pattern, color and size combinations, so there’s a perfect mat to fit anyone’s unique style.

A fabulous Made in the USA find, a great thoughtful gift and well worth the money.

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