The Best in Holiday 2012 Gift Finds: Two trippy scents: I Heart Unicorns, Sinful

The Best in Holiday 2012 Gift Finds is an ongoing series until December that celebrates the practical to the extravagant, the unusual to the commonly needed items of everyday life.

From food, wine and spirits to beauty, clothing and even home goods and appliances, we have been trying and testing and ultimately weeding out the good stuff you should consider for giving this holiday season. Take us shopping with you.

Fragrance is a magical thing. It transports us and reminds us of people we love, hated or lusted for. Fragrance floods our senses with memories and snapshots of our mothers getting ready to go out, or our first love’s scent when we become intimately lost with another human being for the first time.

Sensual and powerful, wearing fragrance is not to be taken lightly. Like wearing a low cut blouse to work, too heady a scent is offensive and inappropriate.

The right fragrances can lift spirits and enhance our moods. It can ignite our souls, and hypnotically signal a romantic thirst. Learn to use and respect fragrance for its maximum benefits.

There are two trippy, edible and addictive fragrances I want to talk about that make great gifts, as they are not run-of-the-mill common, and both evoke smiles and memories of teenage years.

These fragrances are not uber complex, but layered and lush, marketed for a young woman, but anyone of any age can wear them.

Sinful Fragrance For Women
Made in USA


I was not expecting to like this one. The box and the bottle-black and pink glass with silver wings and the words “Sinful” conjured a straight to the CVS shelf stinkum to pass along to a stranger. This was not the case.

The scent is designed for women 16-24 years old, packaged inside a rather chunky Sinful bottle decorated with a logo medallion is outlined with jewels. The warming fragrance makes up for the woeful packaging.

Sinful is a construct of an American fragrance house –  Tru Fragrance – that creates, manufactures and markets private brand fragrances for niche and specialty retailers worldwide.  Tru Fragrance has developed fragrance for celebs and retailers with price points ranging from $9.99 to $99.00. ( or

The top notes of Sinful are citrus and fruit, Mandarin, Red Apple, Grapefruit, Raspberry, with mid-notes Rose, Gardenia, Jasmine, Black Currant, Sparkling Mimosa anchored with base notes of Sandalwood, Creamy Vanilla, White Musk, Rich Amber, Patchouli and Tonkabean, all of which makes a pleasing and unusually seductive mix that had me smelling my arm over and again, and my friends asking what the fragrance was and where they could get it.

Sinful is sold exclusively at and it retails for $39.95.

I Heart Unicorns Perfume
Made in USA


I have written this fragrance up before, and I still say there is absolutely nothing like it on the market.

Addictive and awesome, sex and candy delish, your teenage years come racing back in this clean sweet and bright fragrance that will make people want to lick you. It’s comprised of Lemon, Peppermint, and Pomegranate are grounded by a fresh, earthy base notes like Nag Champa and Frankincense.

This is one of my favorites – sweet, sexy, and innocent, this scent was designed to evoke memories of the ’70s and ’80s and does it in bottle with a Unicorn on it. People will talk. And envy your badass scent.

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