The Best in Holiday 2012 Gift Finds: Samsung Galaxy S III gets stylish juice pack with mophie

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mophie juice pack® for Samsung Galaxy S® III

Smartphone users know that these amazing mini-laptop computers are energy vampires, after some downloads and constant calibrating for email and Twitter/Facebook updates, the life of the phone precipitously drops.

End of the day you are likely to be on bar fumes.

The new Samsung Galaxy S III is like the later model iPhones, in that after heavy use, you need to juice it maybe twice in a twelve hour period. This is tedious if you are traveling.

American company mophie created a juice pack (portable battery case) especially for the new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone that comes in black or white, and adds very little weight (3.5 ounces) to the phone, acting like a hard case to protect as it doubles the life of your battery.


The mophie Juice Pack adds 32 extra hours of music, 8 extra hours of video playback, or 9 extra hours of 4G LTE web browsing because of the built-in 2300 mAh lithium battery.

The mophie rechargeable external battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S III will set you back $99.95 – but there are amazing deals right now on their site, so take advantage.


The mophie also was designed with convenient four-light LED indicators and a button that when pressed will show you how much actual power is left in the juice pack.

The lithium battery inside the juice pack is rechargeable for over 500 full cycles.

To use, just pull apart the juice pack at the top and easily slide your Galaxy S III into the case. Caveat: The thickness of the phone nearly doubles.

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