The Best in Holiday 2012 Gift Finds: Honey Rose & K jewelry – vintage meets nature

The Best in Holiday 2012 Gift Finds is an ongoing series until December that celebrates the practical to the extravagant, the unusual to the commonly needed items of everyday life.

From food, wine and spirits to beauty, clothing and even home goods and appliances, we have been trying and testing and ultimately weeding out the good stuff you should consider for giving this holiday season. Take us shopping with you.


Did you ever wonder what the Real Housewives of Montana wear when they are shushing down a black diamond slope on their K2s? 


Honey Rose & K has the most amazing jewelry that marries bling and glitz with Grizzly Adams. Let’s call it Glitzly-Adams. 


We’re talking rhinestone necklaces with coyote claw pendants.  How utterly odd and cool is that?  This is from their “Grab The Wolf By The Horn” collection that marries vintage jewelry with wolf teeth and claws. 

Creator Meredith Piccin trolls flea markets and garage sales looking for cool vintage pieces to re-purpose to make them chic and modern with a natural flair.   Her jewelry will add glamour to any après-ski get together.


Ms. Piccin is the owner and creative force behind Honey Rose & K Modage Baubles who set out with one dream in mind–jewelry designing and treasure hunting. 

Honey Rose & K is the perfect blend of Meredith’s creativity and her gift for finding hidden vintage gems in flea markets, antique stores and thrifts. 


She repurposes these items to restore their past luster.  Utilizing the whimsical design and sense of style that is uniquely her, Meredith transforms her vintage finds into fabulous modern accessories.

Honey Rose & K is named after Meredith’s Grandmother, Honey, who studied fashion design and worked for many years as a window dresser in NYC.

Everything is made in the USA, so please help support small American businesses this Holiday season!

*Bonus Intel: That amazing deep teal scarf is designed by Paula Bianco also from Rowe Boutique in Columbus! Call Maren at 614-299-7693

You can order the jewelry Here

The Collection is carried here in Columbus, Ohio too!

Guest reporter Karen V. Stevens is a segment television producer, USC booster and media/pr consultant living in Los Angeles, California. You can follow her on Twitter


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