TV Yesteryear Gem: Dennis the Menace Season 2 from Shout! July 26 (VIDEO)

TV Yesteryear news today: Tomorrow, Shout! Factory will let loose America’s favorite old school neighborhood pest, Dennis Mitchell.

He’s so much of a pest that not even a kiddie marriage proposal can make him behave!:

The first season of Dennis the Menace, a black-and-white sitcom based on the comic strip by Hank Ketcham that ran on CBS from 1959 to 1960, featured an energetic, curious young boy who was a mischief magnet.

Dennis (Jay North) is a good boy who always wants to be right in the middle of whatever’s going on in his suburban neighborhood and has a desire to “help” his friends and neighbors.

His exasperated parents (Gloria Henry and Herbert Anderson) never seem quite able to anticipate what kind of trouble Dennis might get into next, but one can bet that it will involve grouchy neighbor Mr. Wilson (Joseph Kearns).

Whether it’s planting flowers, pouring a concrete walk, camping out in the backyard, finding a buyer for a neighbor’s house, or talking on the neighborhood (telephone) party line (that’s even before my time), Dennis always seems to inadvertently make a mess of things.  Season Two highlights include Dennis running away from home, raising a yard-destroying gopher, stirring up mischief with a Ouija board, entering a soapbox derby and going camping with Henry and Mr. Wilson.

Dennis The Menace: Season Two includes all 38 original uncut episodes from the complete second season (1960-1961). 

A must-have for fans and collectors, the Dennis The Menace: Season Two 5-disc DVD set is now available to preorder at and other major retailers.


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