Surprising beauty and fashion secrets for red carpet season

We are in the throes of red carpet season, as the Grammys loom, the Emmys, DGA, SAG and Golden Globes just wrapped and the Oscars are the big finale to what seems like one black tie shindig after another in Hollywood.

Many people wonder what stars do to get through a night of looking camera ready and fabulous. Monsters and Critics asked top makeup artists, publicists, wardrobe assistants and stylists what were some of the lesser known tricks of the trade to keep a star fresh and fabulous. You will be surprised.

Double sided wig tape


This is must-have inside every publicist and stylist’s handbag or kit. This miracle double sided tape fixes ripped out hems from high heels and errant strapless dresses fighting with gravity to go south. The kind you want? A form of double stick tape you can purchase at a well-stocked beauty supply store. This is considered the all-purpose duct tape of the fashion and beauty world. It’s a must have staple for any bride and bridal party too.

Waist training


Cocktail and formal dresses demand shapewear, and the slimming craze has gone one step further: Waist training.  Everything old is new again as the underbust corset is quietly back in style – practical, functional and effective – it completes any form fitting outfit. American-made corsets from The Corset Chick ( are top picks, and constructed of 24 spiral steel bones that are five layers of fabric, making it one of the strongest and hardest wearing garments on the market. The corset is suitable for training of the waist but please seek medical advice before attempting this. Waist training corsets can reduce your waist by 6″-7″ but are for experienced corset wearers. The more you use them, the smaller your waist gets naturally.

Lipstick all night


Jello powder! Especially cherry Red Jello, which is applied on slightly dampened lips after lining with an appropriate colored liner. Use a lip brush to apply to moist lips for a long-lasting stain. Then build your lipcolor by applying a pretty lipstick over, blot, then re-apply and add a dab of gloss. Your mouth will stay with you despite your tippling of champagne flutes.

Under concealer concealer


Red eyes, pimple and under eye circles can all be addressed with a careful application of vaso-constricting eye drops and nasal spray. Both are topical steroids that shrink blood vessels so this will deflame red pimples, help under eye puffiness and undereye circles. Use before an absorbing eye gel cream and then use a lightweight opague concealer like Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage creme that comes in a wide range of two-toned compacts to custom blend for the right color so you don’t look like an owl.

Fat Melting by Sound


Not freezing cold and painful, or invasive with downtime like liposuction, VASER Shape is the hottest treatment growing in popularity for its real results. Inches are obliterated as sound waves cause the fat cells to rupture and liquefied lipids (fat) is then massaged to lymph glands for the body to naturally excrete. “This is the number one non invasive procedure we are booked for this time of year,” says Dr. Peter B. Fodor ( Dr. Fodor is ranked in the top 1% of US plastic surgeons. He’s done work on many A-list movie stars over the years, and is past president of the prestigious ASAPS association. VASER Shape won an award in 2011 for Best Non-Surgical Body Contouring. Dr. Oz also promoted VASER Shape in a segment dubbed the “Newest, Fastest Fat Busters!”

Happy feet


Stars wear stratospheric heels for the cameras, but when no one is watching they slip into low profile flats to run around in the dark of the ballrooms. American shoemaker Pluggz is a top pick and newcomer for the high fashion color ranges and the low profile it has, as it delivers an optimal arch and instep structure so feet do not tire. Flat shoes can be as painful as high heels if the shoe has no support.

Pluggz ( contains black plugs made from a custom carbon and rubber compound that sit under a weight bearing part of the foot ensuring electrical contact between the earth and the foot. These plugs are designed to conduct a flow of free electrons that energize the foot.

Pluggz not only offer extreme comfort, they also are super stylish and have flats and flip-flops in fun metallic and neutrals ensuring they’ll go with every outfit.
Pluggz are made of 100% high quality, comfortable rubber soles. People love the way they feel. And, Hollywood celebrities love them because when you buy a pair of Pluggz, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting inspiring organizations dedicated to improved health for people of all ages.

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