Sundance Spotlight Exclusive: Sonja Kinski in “Diamond on Vinyl’ (VIDEO)


Sonja Kinski, fashion model and film ingénue, who is the daughter of international film star Natassja Kinski and granddaughter of auteur director Klaus Kinski

Sonja stars in “Diamond on Vinyl,” a new feature film by director J. R. Hughto (“Frogtown,” “Black Dragon Canyon”) and co-starring indie film creative multi-hyphenate Brian McGuire (“In Search of Midnight Kiss,” “Everything Will Happen Before You Die”)


Storyline: A very singular voyeur finds his engagement in jeopardy when his fiancée discovers his secret audio recordings of their lovemaking. When an enigmatic young woman (Sonja Kinski) enters both of their lives, a strange and surprising seduction begins.

The film premieres today at Slamdance (the “other” film festival in Park City at the moment).


In the film, Sonja exudes a unpredictable energy as the enigmatic photographer Charlie in a performance reminiscent of a young Angelina Jolie. Descended from film icons, Sonja makes her first appearance here and is ready to brace the whole Park City festival experience.


“This is my first time here during Sundance, and I actually haven’t seen the film yet, so I’m very excited about today’s premiere.” She describes the character she plays as “a free spirit, who at times is reckless and acts without a filter .”

Any parallels to her own personality? “Well, it was pretty easy for me to play.” Future plans? She’s considering a couple of new film projects but hasn’t totally turned her back on her fashion career. “I wouldn’t mind doing more modeling. It pays very well.” Parting shot: “If you get the chance, go see [co-star] Brian McGuire’s band. He’s pretty wild on stage!”




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