Summer Sizzlers 2013; Time to test drive the VW Camper Van Tent

Sometimes I come across the most insane, crazy and wonderful items that I just have to review them because the world needs to know that they exist. 

Case in point:  the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent from the UK-based company, The Monster Factory.  (They are currently establishing a presence here in the US).

The VW Camper Van Tent is exactly what it purports to be.  A camping tent made to look exactly like the classic 1965 VW van in powder blue and white but sans a motor, obviously!  It is a four person tent with two “rooms” and has the added plus that people can actually stand up in the tent. 

Well, if you are of normal size and don’t wear your slutty high heels inside the tent, but who takes high heels on a camping trip…um, I do, ‘cuz you never know when you need to have vampy legs…

Anyway, back to this incredibly cool tent.  The two rooms have a separator that can be pulled back to make one large room so if it’s just you and your honey, it’s like camping in a suite!   


This retro van tent is relatively easy to set up.  If you can set up your Ikea “Svelvik” or your lovely “Vittsjo” then this tent is going to be a snap, plus it is much easier to pronounce…. Vee DoubleU.  Actually, it will take some time, but with easy to follow directions and a can-do attitude, all things are possible.

First you assemble the outer tent, the one that looks like a VW Camper, then, once that is all set up you hitch up the inner rooms to the outer tent.  It has a “floor” that is attached to the walls and ceiling so you can have a completely bug-less camping experience which is primo in my book.

After that you spike in the stabilizing posts and voila, easy-peasy, presto-chango, tah-dah… you are ready to camp like a hippie child.  Warning, it is probably best to eat those “special brownies” after setting up the tent as you will need all your faculties focused on the job… once it’s up and running, have at it.  

The Camper Van Tent should come with a disclaimer, once up and running, you will feel the urge to put on your fringe vest, look for your rolling papers and think everything is “far-out, man”.  If I were you, I would pack my 8-track tape player and blast some Hendrix too!

In case you haven’t figured it out yet from my columns, I am not a camping chick.  I like electricity and 1200 thread count bed sheets and flushing toilets.

But sometimes, well, really, on rare occasions, I just want to get out in nature, I want to hear the animals and smell the earth and pee in a hole.  And the thought of communing with nature using a retro-looking tent is really kind of neat.  You don’t have to give up style just to go camping.  Plus, think of the added benefit of f*cking with the bears… is it a tent or a car???

If you are going to any festival concerts this summer you must bring this tent.  I can’t think of a better accommodation for a Coachella type concert slash love fest weekend than setting up this baby.  I mean, think about all the hipsters, frat boys or tipsy chicks who will come knockin’ to see if they can get your van rockin’

Heads up, these tents are so hot right now that they are hard to keep in stock but put in your order, its worth the wait.


The VW Camper Van Tent also makes a junior version for your little tyke-sters to play with in the back yard or the romper room or even at the beach.


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