Summer Sizzlers 2013: Rock n Roll style for your wrists!

Ah, Gazzaris, Club Lingerie, Whiskey, The Roxy… those were some wild nights.  But my nights of hanging out at rock clubs until 3 AM are behind me. 

Now, a good time includes grabbing dinner with friends and being home by 10:30 to watch crap TV.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the Rock n Roll style that I used to sport while traipsing all over the Sunset Strip in my torn jeans, bedazzled bustier and big hair.

I found a totally cool jewelry line that evokes the glam rock of the ‘80s but that is still hip and trend worthy for today’s fashionistas. 

The Electric Picks line of bracelets and necklaces are designed by a woman named MJ who is inspired by the music and the materials around her. She mixes gemstones and authentic guitar picks to create bold and exciting jewelry for both men and women.  All her pieces are handmade in New York City.  According to the website, her pieces are for “renegades, romantics and visionaries”.

Being the renegade, romantic, visionary that I am, I picked up the Alcatraz bracelet last week and I haven’t stopped wearing it since.  It is retro enough to be cool, loud enough to make a statement and rocker-chic enough to dress up or dress down with whatever I am wearing.  It’ doesn’t take away from what I’m wearing or over power it, it just enhances my ensemble.


Everyone from “Pretty Little Liars’” Ashley Benson to Chef-onista Guy Fieri and Lindsay Lohan to music mogul, Russell Simmons have all been seen around town wearing MJ’s creative Electic Picks jewelry. 

MJ designs include authentic guitar picks, skulls, studs, hematite beads, agate, pearls… you know, all the bits and pieces that you would probably find buried in the couch on a Guns N Roses tour bus, minus the loose change and skank-scuzz.  (You know what I mean)   Ah, the good old days!!

So, I highly suggest tracking down this bad-ass jewelry, its affordable, tasteful and really, really nice.

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