Summer Sizzlers 2013: Lime Wheat Thins put some pizzazz in your mouth

Who doesn’t love Wheat Thins? 

Am I the only one who remembers the commercial with Sandy Duncan popping them in her mouth like they were well… Wheat Thins? Regardless of my 80’s TV memories you might be asking yourself, why is Karen talking about Wheat Thins as part of her Summer Sizzlers series?

To answer your question, Nabisco is introducing a limited edition of Lime Wheat Thins just for the summer and they are perfect for a pool party or a Barbecue or even if you are a lonely shut in with no friends and an undeniable need for snack food.   

I got to sample this tasty treat and I was impressed.  It had the normal Wheat Thin taste that, come on, admit it, is totally addicting but these have a little extra zing of zestiness .  And you know what would go great with this new flavor??  Margaritas!

Too bad they are limited for the summer only as they are so yummy.  You can pick them up at your local market so I suggest you stock up.  Seriously, I just saw a box of these citrusy snacks selling on eBay for $15.99!  I never realized that Lime flavored Wheat Thins could be a cottage industry.

Want to win a Wheat Thins gift package that includes all the fixes for a summer party:  a cool ice bucket, margarita glasses, cocktail napkins, limes and of course 2 boxes of Lime Wheat Thins?  There is also a special effect when you open the box, but I’m not going to blow it for you, you will just have to enter to find out what it is.   Enter here: CONTEST

Karen V. Stevens is a media gal, writer, producer, PR spin master and USC Trojan football enthusiast who’s never going to get Scurvy.  Hollah on Twitter

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