Summer Sizzlers 2013: Jacks & Jokers shirts top the must own list

What’s soft as a puppy’s belly and fits your body like a tailor-made garment but can be tossed in the washer?

Made in the USA, Jacks & Jokers apparel is quickly taking over Hollywood for good reason.  These stylish Tees are the sort that make you give the stink eye and burn your other t-shirts. Made of the softest fabrics and highest quality materials, Jacks & Jokers clothing has a real celeb favorite with a cult following.

The perfect July Summer Sizzler shirt to own? Artisan crafted old school in their design ethos, Jacks & Jokers American flag tees that come in different shades of grey and blue with an American Flag flying in the front, the company logo on the back.


The company counts fans like Jonny Lee Miller, Adrian Grenier and LeBron James. The American spirit is perfectly wrapped up in these great tees to gift or collect.


Jacks & Jokers apparel company was inspired by the historic art and imagery of the United States Playing Card Company (USPC).  Founded in 2010 by Scot Lerner, each J&J tee in the collection boasts the authentic graphics and logos that have appeared on nearly every deck of cards for over 100 years. 

Available in retailers such as Scoop, Bloomingdales and Saks, Jacks & Jokers is made with 100% pima cotton (perfect for the July heat!) and exclusively in the USA.  Make sure to check out their other amazing designs too, as the playing card shirts are unique and fun to collect too.


The trump card in this American made gem is the feel of the cotton. Every item Jacks & Jokers sells uses the softest and most durable materials for an incredible fit and feel. The product is as flexible as it is comfortable making it as easy to wear out to a bar or club as it is to go hang out with friends.

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