Summer Sizzlers 2013: A step in the right direction

I am passionate about a few things…. My dogs, my guy du jour and my workouts.  Don’t mess with any of them and you and I will be good.  Help me with them and you and I will be solid!

That being said, I am having a love affair with my brand new athletic shoes.  You can have your Nikes (I am not a fan of Phil Knight’s ego or his swoosh! ) or your Reeboks or your Sketchers (seriously, who works out with these shoes??)… I will take my Brooks Athletic Shoes every time over the more trendy or better known brands.

Athletic shoes shouldn’t be about the “name”.  I don’t care what Kobe’s wearing or if Michael Jordan used his own solid gold pen to sign his MJ on his design.  They are not me, they don’t know what I need in a good sneaker.  


Conversely, Brooks are about actually making workouts better, weather its weight training or running or taking your dog for a walk around the block just to get your ass off the couch. 


Personally, my feet never felt so great in shoe.  And when you feet are properly supported then your knees are less inclined to hurt, your hips are more aligned and your back and shoulders don’t ache from trying to find balance.  It’s a domino effect that starts all the way at the bottom with a solid pair of shoes!


I look at Brooks as the brand only the real insiders know about.  In case you have never heard of them, and I understand if you haven’t – since they spend their money on making a great product and not of billboards in Times Square – let me educate you on these wonderful athletic shoes:

Brooks is a company headquartered in Seattle, Washington where they design and market high performance running shoes and apparel in more than 40 countries, they are dedicated to inspiring people to run and be active by creating gear that keeps them running longer, farther, faster and happier.

The call themselves a “running company” meaning that from top to bottom they are all active.  They create running shoes for all feet, any size, any issue.  Even though I am not a runner, I am a gym rat and I still love these shoes.

I actually discovered them when I was suffering from a horrible and sudden bought of Plantar Fasciatiis, (I know, sexy, right?) which is an inflammation of the connective tissue at the sole of your foot.  It is caused from over-use.  So while I was getting in tip-top shape, I was destroying my feet because my name-brand very trendy and expensive work out shoes weren’t supporting my feet properly.  This is a common condition for athletes and gym rats and weekend warriors.

After doctor’s appointments and injections, I was fine for a few weeks but then the pain came back.  I realized that it was time to invest in a really good pair of shoes and that is when I found Brooks.  Since I have been wearing them, I have not suffered any foot pain at all, in fact, I have never felt better!  You can’t realize the joy I experienced the first morning when I got out of bed and didn’t cringe in pain because my feet were inflamed.

And if you have size, arch or pronation issues, you need to be wearing them!

Brooks just introduced the brand new Ghost 6 ($110) and I never want to take them off.  First and foremost, they are light and comfortable which is a must for summer work outs.  They hug your heel without feeling like a boa contrictor’s vise on your foot.  Your toes aren’t mushed or given too much room to wander.  In their own words “we’ve taken the transition from silky to ridiculously smooth by removing the midfoot shank and creating full ground contact from heel to toe.  The underfoot gets even more love with a horseshoe Caterpiller Crash Pad that wraps the heel from medial to lateral sides and articulates the laydown.”

And, for the fashionista in me, they are cute and colorful and can go toe to toe against anything Nike designs.    

If you are more of a runner than a gym rat, you must test out the PureFlow 2 ($100).  When I wear them I feel like I am walking on a cloud of springy marshmellows.  The shoe has a “toe flex” in its design, which is a toe box split that allows the big toe to function independently and engage the natural balance.   It also was designed to mimic the natural contours of the foot;  the shape isn’t straight but slightly curves inward to support you not fight the shape of your foot.

When I put these on I know I can go faster and farther…. And I hate running.  Let me put it this way, The PureFlow 2 make me want to be a runner!  They are light and super comfortable.

Check out both styles at


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