Stick It Good! Fruity Pebbles Extreme Snack Fun and Recipe

What’s better than fruity breakfast cereal?  How about using that same cereal for a super fun treat that celebrates all the colors of spring, well if the colors were turned up a notch?

Let me start by admitting my short comings. I suck at baking, my baking prowess starts and stops with tubes of cookie dough, and even then I’m only mediocre at best at making them presentable. 

I have no problem stuffing globs of the stuff in my mouth, but I can’t serve them to anyone who isn’t totally stoned and just wants to shovel sweet treats in their mouths.  That is why I love to mash up baking with breakfast cereal.  It’s like baking for idiots.

Post, famous for offering fun breakfast cereals like Alpha Bits or giving us two scoops of raisins in their Raisin Bran is now offering a limited edition of Fruity Pebbles… Xtreme Da! Da! Daaaa!  

I love that cereal is now “extreme”.  And I will admit that I totally dig the rockin’ bright neon spring colors that promise to deliver a blast of flavor.   And come on people, lets all admit that no matter what age we are, we still prefer to munch on a handful of sugary cereal in the middle of then night instead of a fist full of Muesli!  

Sure you can pour Fruity Pebbles Xtreme (Da! Da! Daaaa!)  into your bowl with milk and start slurping, but I say, toss the bowl… 86 the milk and try this super easy recipe for a spring time treat:



    6 squares semi-sweet chocolate (you can use dark chocolate or white chocolate)
    26 pretzel rods
    2 cups Fruity Pebbles Cereal


    Place chocolate in 1-cup glass measuring cup. Microwave as directed on package. Cool 5 min.
    Dip pretzels halfway into chocolate, tilting cup to evenly coat each pretzel. Scrape off excess chocolate. Holding pretzels over plate, immediately sprinkle with cereal. Place in shallow waxed paper-lined pan.
    Refrigerate 15 min. or until chocolate coating is firm.

You can mix it up by using different kinds of chocolate, I tried it with the semi-sweet and it had the right about of sweet and salty mix with the pretzel rod that made my mouth happy!

Karen V. Stevens is a media gal, writer, producer, PR spin master and USC Trojan football enthusiast who needs to make more of these Fruity Pebble sticks for her office colleagues; you can find her on Twitter

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