Son of billionaire Clippers owner Donald Sterling dead, drugs suspected

Sad news this morning as KTLA and CNN are both reporting the son of billionaire Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, was found dead allegedly surrounded by drug paraphernalia.

Police are still investigating the death of Scott Sterling, 32, son of Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whose body was found at a home in Malibu.

Local Los Angeles affiliate KTLA reports that detectives were called to the 22600 block of Pacific Coast Highway at 11:29 p.m. on Tuesday, from information provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Confirmation on the death came from the L.A. County Coroner’s office.

An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. According to KTLA, it appeared to be an overdose with drug paraphernalia allegedly discovered at the scene.

Scott Sterling made headlines when he was 19 years old, after he shot his childhood friend, Philip Scheid, who he claimed attacked him with a knife, allegedly over an actress’ affections. The incident happened at Donald Sterling’s home on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.

More than a year after the shooting, prosecutors dropped file charges, saying the victim wasn’t credible. The conclusion left police frustrated as ballistics reports showed that the victim was shot from behind from at least 15 feet away, yet the young Sterling claimed self-defense.

“No rational person would entertain the possibility of his story being true,” Beverly Hills Det. Sgt. Jack Douglas wrote in a memo to prosecutors.

Dr Damon Raskin, consulting board certified internist at Cliffside Malibu ( a premiere residential rehabilitation facility, spoke to Monsters and Critics this morning (Jan. 2) on this developing story:

“Although it is still too early to tell, it appears that this may be another tragic tale of a privileged individual who did not seek help for his depression, addiction or both. When there are so many resources available to help, it is a sad day when another young person succumbs in this way.”


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