Sherlock: Season Two – Blu-ray Review

The Baker Street boys are back… but they’re not a couple and that’s not Sherlock’s hat.  The BBC’s brilliant update of the Arthur Conan Doyle tales continues on apace and is just as fantastic as season one, maybe even better.

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) have gained a certain amount of fame with Holmes’ genius penchant for crime solving and Watson’s blog about those cases.  Holmes’ brother Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) informs him that one such reader is of a royal nature and wants him to help out with a dominatrix named Irene Adler (Lara Pulver) who has some compromising photos on her cellphone (A Scandal in Belgravia). 

The second case involves a man called Henry Knight (Russell Tovey) who witnessed his father getting killed on the moors by a spectral hound (Hound of the Baskervilles).  The final case and problem sees the return of Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott) who is just as brilliant as Holmes but uses his mind for evil and has set about to make sure that Sherlock Holmes takes a fall (The Reichenbach Fall).     

I’d exhaust my allotment of “brilliants” in record time if I had such a limit.  Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, and company have done such a fantastic job in bringing Sherlock Holmes into the modern age and yet keeping Conan Doyle’s characters so familiar and true to their origins.  Perhaps it lies in the brill… excellent performances of Cumberbatch and Freeman.  They breathe new life into Holmes and Watson yet also keep them close to their origins. 

Not only that but paying tribute to the other iterations of Holmes that have appeared onscreen.  Witness the wonderful way they work into the series the appearance of the deerstalker hat.  This new season keeps you rapt as each mystery offers both the homages to the classic tales as well as updating them for a new generation.  They’ve decided to hit all the Holmes highpoints and adapt the most famous stories in the canon for season two. 

I again can’t emphasize the genius way they’ve taken the originals and made them fit into our modern times.  Lara Pulver is both dangerous and sexy as the “woman” and Andrew Scott is given much more screen time than in season one and uses it to create a Moriarty that is Holmes’ equal as well as a dangerous threat.  The season ends on a shocking end that I can’t wait to see how they get Holmes out of this one.

If you enjoyed the first season, this one only continues it on a rocketing trajectory. 

Sherlock Holmes is presented in a 1080i transfer (1.78:1).  Special features include a commentary on Scandal in Belgravia by producer Sue Vertue, writer/producers Gatiss and Moffat, Cumberbatch, and Pulver, a commentary on the Hound of the Baskervilles by Gatiss, Moffat, Vertue, and Tovey.  Disc two has the 19 minute making of “Sherlock Uncovered” in high definition.  Sadly no commentary on the season closer, maybe they thought they’d spoil things. 

Sherlock only continues to get better and it can only be helped by its grand acting and magnificent ability to both play to the Doyle tales as well as update them for modern eyes.  It’s elementary. 

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