September Beauty Spotlight: Merle Norman rings in fall with rich palette

Merle Norman 2013 Fall Color Collection

I have a slightly skewed sense of the seasons. To me, a new season starts the second I see a new pin come up on Pinterest. It’s like the first snow of winter—only it’s the first pin of fall. This means warm coats, knee high boots and gorgeous scarves. But you know what I am most excited for (aside from pumpkin-flavored everything)? The fall makeup tutorials.

My boyfriend is one of those sweethearts who insist that I look pretty without makeup. I, however, think he is just used to seeing me wander around the apartment in the mornings and nights without makeup and has tricked himself into thinking it’s cute. I’m pretty sure he would rather take me out to dinner with mascara and bronzer on than with my blonde eyelashes and pale skin showing through.

Putting on makeup is just a girly thing to do. You get to play around with color combinations and various tricks and techniques to make your eyes or cheekbones pop. Makeup tutorials on Pinterest are my guilty pleasure. The fall ones typically emphasize a delicate, pale face (hollah!) and dark eyes. The Merle Norman 2013 Fall Color Collection seems to me like it actually came from one of my Pinterest dreams.

Let’s start with the eyeshadow palettes—“Prim and Proper” and “Smoke and Mirrors.” These were made for the ultimate smokey eye. Each color is rich and deep—plus it lasts! The palettes come with three colors that work together to give you a sultry fall gaze. It is pretty much like a ready to go smokey eye kit.

Next we have the Lasting Cheek Color in “Truly Yours.” I am pretty pale, and I love that fall means I can ease up on the bronzer. I no longer need to look sunkissed—instead I get to look like I just walked in from a crisp fall morning (is anybody else dying for apple cider right now?). Truly Yours gives you a subtle pop of warm color—without overdoing it and looking like a clown. Once again, the color stayed on my cheeks all day, so I didn’t have to worry about losing my warm and rosy fall glow.

Once you have your eyes and cheeks complete, its time to move onto your lips. Yes, summer is fun because you can get away with just using your favorite chapstick, but fall deserves something special. Sultry eyes and glowing cheeks mean that your lips need the same kind of love. The Merle Norman 2013 Fall Color Collection has the perfect 3-step process to kissable fall lips.

I started with their Age-Defying Lipliner in “Petals.” Now, I’m not normally a lip liner fan, but this color was incredibly soft. It didn’t stand out and look like I had used a stencil on my lips. Instead, it highlighted the curve of my lower lip and accentuated the peak on my upper lip.

After that, I added their Age-Defying Lip Color in “Pinksicle.” This color really complimented the subtle color on my cheeks and brought my entire look together. It goes on smooth and is one of the most gorgeous colors I’ve worn in a while. I also have their “Lucky in Love” Age-Defying Lip Color for when I am going for a more natural fall look—and it is a stunner.

To finish off the lip look, their new “Ladylike” Lip Polish is a must. While the Lip Colors are beautiful, the Lip Polish adds a hint of shine to direct all attention to your lips. What did Cher Horowitz say in Clueless? “Any you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.” She has a point. My boyfriend nearly lost it when I gave him a half smile after completing my look.

While the Merle Norman 2013 Fall Color Collection did help make my Fall Pinterest Dreams come true, I’m pretty sure it also helped expose my boyfriend as a liar who actually prefers me with makeup. And that’s fine with me—I’ll happily apply this collection every day of Fall.

If you aren’t as into playing around with makeup, the fabulous folks at Merle Norman have provided a behind-the-scenes peak at how to achieve the perfect fall look:

Check out the full collection here:

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