Secret of the Wings (Four-Disc Combo) – Blu-ray Review

Disney’s fourth fairy installment for girls that involves Tinker Bell comes in a Flitterrific combo back that includes Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy, and 3-D Blu-ray and is packed with a nice assortment of special features.

The story is an off-shoot of Peter Pan (far removed from the book by J. M. Barrie) that involves Tinker Bell and her Fairy friends, otherwise known as ‘Tinks’. Secret of the Wings further expands on the story of the tink fairies, where they live (Pixie Hollow), and how their world is connected to other types of fairies.

Their world is separated by the seasons. Pixie Hollow enjoys warm weather, but across the log, it is snowing. None of the warm weather fairies have ever been across the border that separates spring and summer from winter; of course Tinker Bell has to cross the threshold and found out what secrets are being kept.

I like the stories of these fairies. I think Disney has given girls an alternative to princesses and all things princess-y. And it is a nice alterative: girly not so girly that pink is the only worn color. Green is a nice color, too.

The fairies in Pixie Hollow provide a sense of community and friendship. There are lots of characters to choose from, Tinker Bell, of course, who is the main character (voiced by Mae Whitman), Periwinkle, the winter fairy (voiced by Lucy Hale), Silvermist, a water talent fairy (voiced by Lucy Liu), Fawn, an animal talent fairy (voiced by Angela Bartys), Iridessa is a light talent fairy (voiced by Raven-Symone), among others.

I have a three year old girl who is alternatively interested in the Disney princesses and the Disney fairies and I encourage her more in the fairy way. I just think the fairies show more spunk and gumption than the typical Disney princess. Of course, it’s all up to her, but she has enjoyed Secret of the Wings and has watched it many times and asks for it on a regular basis.

The story is cleverly written. I like the combination of the seasons, with a minister for each (kind of Harry Potterish). The Minister of Spring is voiced by Steve Valentine, the Minister of Summer is voiced by Kathy Nijamy, the minister of Minister of Autumn is voiced by John DiMaggio, and the minister of Winter is voiced by Gail Borges.

The story of how fairies are born is included, and how twin fairies are created (same laugh, same time, split). Tinker Bell finds her fraternal twin who is a frost fairy, belonging to the season and home of winter. Periwinkle and Tinker Bell find that their wings match, same iridescent shimmer.

At a mere 77 minutes, the story of the fairies and their seasons is a bit short, but perfect for the 3-5 age group and their attention span (and mine).

The Flitterriffic combo pack also includes lots of special features that make it worth the money. Both DVD and Blu-ray discs include bonus features, including a shared 22-minute bonus feature called Pixie Hollow games. Other features include two music videos, and a Pixie preview, Fright Light.

I highly recommended this for girls ages 3-5 and  their moms who might  want to give their daughters something more than pink frilly dresses and the search for a prince.

The fairies give a sense of teamwork and friendship in the community of Pixie Hollow and a bond between sisters. The bonus features are a special treat and the Flitterriffic package is well worth the money.

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