Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season – DVD Review

There are some series that are simply fun to watch, and Sanctuary is one of the best. 

Like stepping into the pages of a favorite graphic novel, the viewer is swept into a world that has immortals and “abnormals” who exist in the world, but are not always appreciated much less accepted by ordinary folk.

It is the mission of the Sanctuary Network to provide a place of safety for those whose abilities or differences make them outcasts or hunted in the mundane world.

This season of Sanctuary begins with a lot of trouble for Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and her group of loyal supporters.  Sanctuary has been breached by the evil Cabal which wants to gain control over the abnormals in order to conquer the whole planet. 

Ashley, Dr. Magnus’s daughter has been kidnapped and changed into a formidable fighting creature, part of a force to bring down the Sanctuary Network.  Psychologist Will (Robin Dunne) and resourceful genius Henry (Ryan Robbins) offer their skilled assistance with observation, defense and technology, but it is not enough to avert tragedy. 

In the meantime a new ally comes to Sanctuary, unwillingly at first but that changes very quickly.  Soon Kate Freelander (Agam Darshi) who usually is just skill for hire (be it theft or worse,) finds that Sanctuary can offer her a life of meaningful purpose. 

The Big Guy has pivotal roles in this season’s action, and the same can be said for John Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl plays both of these characters) as Dr. Magnus continues her rescue and re-location of the unique and rare abnormals.

If Season One gave us the background to Sanctuary introducing us to its mission, its protectors and to its enemies, Season Two delves into the characters.  This season the action focuses on those connected with Sanctuary and their individuality.  As the search for abnormals continues, we see deeper into personalities, driving forces, loves and fears of those who devote themselves to preservation and protection. 

We see who the people are behind the name, or the title, or even the job description.  Kate’s character is the catalyst for this vision.  As she makes discoveries about Sanctuary, she is also learning about its inhabitants and this is shown to the viewer, not always apparently through Kate’s eyes, but as if she were seeing it.

Humans are every bit as fascinating as the creatures, and the viewer along with Kate recognizes that Dr. Magnus although immortal, is not immune to the pain of loss or the joy of comradeship.

Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season is presented in a four disc set, boxed in a folder case illustrated with stills from the season.  Episode synopses and production notes are included on one of the folder’s flaps. 

Along with the 13 Season Two episodes, there is a good collection of special features.  One of our favorites is the commentary for EVERY episode, quality interviews and comments that enrich the viewing experience. 

There are several featurettes including International Sanctuary, Amanda Tapping directs the episode “Veritas,” a look at the special effects of Sanctuary, and a featurette on Dancing in Mumbai. Anatomy of an Episode:  Next Tuesday takes the viewer from print to finished product, and there is a short bit on Sanctuary Goes to Comic Con.  Viewers get a look at Robin Dunne’s video diary, and see when Sanctuary goes to Japan.  This is rounded out with bloopers and a photo gallery. 

Fans will be very happy with this collected season set.

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