Review: Vasque running shoes shine in crowded field

Like so many of you, I love to start the New Year off with a fat burning vengeance.  Going to the gym, 5 mile power walks, hiking with my dog…. I’m doing it all.  But, this year I really do plan to lose those 20 pounds that have been attached to my ass since I turned 30.  With this new work-out regimen comes new work-out wear.  Yay, shopping!!

Like all of us, I have the Nikes, the Reeboks, and whatever the hot shoe of the minute is.  This time, I wanted to think outside of the ”shoe” box… I couldn’t resist that one!   Instead of returning to the tried and true brands I instead picked up a pair of Vasque running shoes.

Vasque you ask… aren’t they just for cold weather wear or extreme hiking? 

Yes, I thought that too until I was told about their line of light weight hiking and running shoes.  Primarily, the Velocity 2.0 GTX Trail Runner is a beautiful marriage of a tough hiking shoe with the breathable comfort of a running shoe. This shoe also comes in a Gor-Tex version that is great for a wet weather work out.

First, I noticed is how surprisingly light-weight these athletic shoes are.  Secondly, this is a damn comfortable shoe.  It hugs my foot in all the right places to give support and allows my toes to wiggle freely, and they are sincerely happy about that. 

Since it was so comfortable, it helped make my work-out feel like it ended quicker too.  I also noticed that after doing an hour of cardio, I wasn’t feeling the usual back pain I get from the constant pounding on the treadmill or the elliptical machines.  While that is a huge plus in my book, it also sucks that I can’t use that as an excuse to stop early!!  (Don’t judge, I know we’ve all done that before)

The Vasque runner is also a really cool looker, my review pair came in grey with a pop of green piping.

I know there are plenty of shoes out there to choose from, from well known authentic sports shoes to brand names that are more about the fashion and less about the performance, hmmm, rhymes with fletchers…

But if you want to try a really good work out shoe from a respected brand, then I sincerely suggest trying the Vasque 2.0 GTX Trail Runners.  You will be happy you did… so will your feet, your legs, your back… well, you get the picture.

Guest reporter Karen V. Stevens is a segment television producer, USC booster and media/pr consultant living in Los Angeles, California. You can follow her on Twitter

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