Review: Tom & Jerry 3

Since I decided to learn Spanish and Dutch a few months ago, I started also reading different print products and online articles in the language I want to learn. This time I had the chance to read Tom & Jerry 3 in Dutch released by Big Balloon Publishers.

The 34 pages are filled with strips (Dutch words for comics), Puzzels (puzzles) and much jokes. Typically for those two they are up to something. Nothing Jerry likes much because he’s going to be hunted by Tom. Luckily both get new friends – each of it is a dog. A cat and dog are friends, you may ask. Yes, that’s what I thought, too. But since it can happen in the real world, why not in the comic universe of Tom & Jerry? But Jerry is also friends with a dog, a different one of course.

Be sure that this story is quite funny – as every one in this issue #3. If you’re able to read Dutch or like to give it a try anyway and learn the language, this is quite a good choice because it’s fun and created for a younger audience, which means the words in use are quite easy to understand. This will make it a bit easier to learn the language and also extend the vocabulary.

I really hope I will able to read more Dutch releases in the future it’s quite fun and I am very curious about how fast I learn the language with the help of print products. Love the comic.

Be sure to visit the Dutch publisher Big Balloon Publishers at this location.