Review: Plush Beauty Bar the place to get waxed in LA

Hey ladies, want to know a secret?  I accidentally discovered the best waxing spot in Los Angeles… and it was right down the street from me.

Plush Beauty Bar my new waxing and nail Narnia located in a crowded strip mall on the corner of Fairfax and Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.  Flanked by a Taqueria on one side and a Russian bakery on the other you wouldn’t expect to find the best place to get your paws and claws done!  Oh and by the way, they are waxing geniuses.

Plush Beauty Bar was thought up by Jennifer Paige and Kathryn Grady These ladies figured out what was missing in a city that is replete with so-called “day-spas” on every corner of every street.  Plush doesn’t scream “Hollywood” but it really is.  Just ask all the paparazzi that lie in wait for their uber-hot clientel like Jenna Dewan.  At Plush they treat everyone who walks in like a friend.  They don’t have that “kiss-kiss” Real Housewives fakery, maybe because the owners both grew up in Montana, as far as fake Hollywood BS as you can get.

Now to the important stuff, let’s talk about the waxing.  I had an OMG moment there: “damn, these ladies are good, thorough and as close to painless as you can get when pouring hot wax on your skin and ripping the hair out.”   Best thing, they don’t ever, ever, ever double dip.  It is so sanitary that once a wooden applicator is dipped in the wax, it is thrown away.  No matter what!  They also use two different kinds of wax, one is quick drying and good for the easy, large areas and the other is a European slow drying, thicker wax used for the more sensitive family jewels region.  This special wax is quickly peeled off instead of ripped off with the muslin strips.  And, seriously, if you have ever had a Brazilian, you will be delighted.  Sure, it still hurts, but less so and is less rough on your tender bits!

I have been there a few times and both Jennifer one of her assistants waxed me and they are equally excellent.  Both ladies make a very uncomfortable necessity a much more pleasant and relaxing experience.   How many times have you gone to a waxing factory only to find patches of hair that the technicians missed?  The ladies of Plush will not let you off the table until every inch is inspected and cleaned.  And, they don’t leave bits of sticky wax on you, (which is a huge pet peeve of mine) which allows you to go about your day without sticking to your clothes.

Plush Beauty Bar is also child friendly.   They actually have a cordoned off children’s play area with toys and stuffed animals to amuse the youngsters while mama gets groomed.   And, you can get diaper assistance, which is awesome since wet nails and changing don’t exactly mesh well.

But, the best reason to leave work early on a Friday for a mani-pedi  is free wine on Fridays!!   Paige and Kathryn both used to sneak in wine when they were getting their own grooming done and thought how great would it be to have their own place that would offer this luxury.  Well, they did just that.

 What a great way to start the weekend, getting Plushed and lushed!

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Karen V. Stevens is a media gal, writer, producer, PR spin master and USC Trojan football enthusiast who’s smooth as a cue ball. Hollah on Twitter

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