Review: New Dyson Animal DC50 the King of Sucking It Up

Mother’s day traditionally was NEVER the day to bust out an appliance as a gift with a big bow on it. But hear me out, as I have a true story to tell you that can possibly change your mind.

Back in 2008, the “Stone Kitty” gifting husband had left, mercifully, moving in with his simpatico day drinking “lesbian golf buddy.” Things were bad. Money was an issue. I needed to vacuum up the mess he left behind, as he steathily moved out while I took care of sick parents in Florida for a few weeks. “Sex and the City’s” Carrie got a break up post-it note from Berger; I got an email announcing the new zeitgeist.

Trash day came, and a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the original Animal, was sitting next to my neighbor’s bin. I totally trash picked it (after asking my neighbor first). Seriously, these vacuums are never supposed to break, being designed by that debonair Englishman, who looks like Sting and Mike Rowe morphed and mushed together, and a team of Nobel physics prize winners. I had to try to repair it at the very least.

I totally fixed it! It was clogged with animal hair and I meticulously cleaned every component, and washed out parts you could wash, and thoroughly went over every nook and cranny until it was a proper Animal once again. The thing worked better than any of my Kenmore/Sears/Dirt Devil disappointments I have suffered with over the years.

Great right? No. The neighbors got wind I fixed it. One day, the female partner came knocking, wanting to “borrow” the vacuum as their new one broke (another Dyson!) I was like, “okay” but my inside voice was like “really?”  This went on until the vacuum was no longer coming back to me and I had to go and “borrow” my vacuum back. The neighbors, aka Dyson slayers, proposed we “share” the vacuum. Finally, after a few months of this, I went to Sears and bought an upright bag-less vacuum that was cheap, affordable but no comparison to the Dyson. Whatever. I was moving on and kept my mouth shut to keep the peace. We have earthquakes out here in the 91302 and you need team players nearby when that Mother Nature nightmare goes down.

Why do I tell you this story? Because the Universe rewards the righteous!


I recently was contacted by Dyson to review (!!) their new Animal DC50, a compact vacuum perfect for a townhome dweller like me who has minimal closet space. The DC50 is their latest evolution of Dyson’s once-revolutionary upright vacuum cleaner, now with two tiers of dirt-sucking cyclones and shrunk to fit our ever-decreasing living space.

The vacuum is as powerful as a full-sized one with a clever ball mount that makes pushing this thing around a joyous exercise of “look ma, no hands!” …well… practically no hands. Super easy to push and pull, and if you are arthritic, or just hate unwieldy vacuums that bump into everything banging up the furniture, meet your new inanimate crush.

There is a self-adjusting cleaner head and what that does is allow me to go from hard wood floors to area rugs with no loss of suction. This is an imperative feature as I have a black Labrador who grows hair for a living, evidence “A”:


He really does nothing else.

This machine has blinded me with science, as 1859 prototypes were made until this model was perfected. It took 100 Dyson engineers over three years to invent this thing! Boasting a 5 year warranty, their 2 Tier Radial cyclone technology is the secret weapon that captures more microscopic dust.  The direct drive motor sits inside the brush bar lowering the cleaner head profile which means you can jam this 11.6 pound baby under the sofa further. The self-adjusting base plate adapts to any floor surface seamlessly. They may call it the DC50, but I will love him, and hug him, and squeeze him, (my vacuum is a male) and I will call him George!

The DC50 has a patented carbon fiber brush bar -with stiff nylon bristles that remove dirt. On hard surface floors the ultra-fine antistatic carbon filaments remove fine dust, which other vacuums never get without using the attachments.


The size and durability specs are nifty: The DC50 can withstand over 50,000 hours of straight vacuuming. It can take a drop on a hard floor over 5000 times. It will run 847 miles on a turntable rig. It has over 130 patents protecting the wizardry that lay inside it. It is 42 inches length by 14 inches width and 11 inches in height. 

What I can honestly say is that I have not stopped vacuuming since it arrived. I adore this useful tool. I hate messes, and I love things – appliances, clothes, shoes, cars, jewelry, and technology – that are designed with intelligence and love. You actually feel the love when you use this superior appliance, and trust me, in this sideways economy where lives are upended and bad luck strikes, having someone give you a truly valuable useful vacuum like a Dyson Animal DC50 is your lucky day and makes for a fantastic gift.


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