Review: John Moses: On The Edge

John Moses’ comedy is definitely on the edge, and the edge is right between evil genius and uncontrollable laughter. <P></P> <P>You better have thick skin and a dark side if you are going to enjoy this incredible comedy CD. His very adult, but very funny humor will have you making New Year’s resolutions to tell your friends about him.<BR> <BR>Listening to this was the perfect way to start my year. He discusses dating big chicks, single moms and how to do it when you’re absolutely broke. His comedy can double as a how-to or self-help hour if you have ever found yourself in his shoes, or think you may find yourself in similar ones. If I had heard this CD before I went to college I think I might be ruling the world right now, or at least doing something more important.<BR> <BR>John tells his fascinating life story wrapped in constant punch lines. This action packed hour covers everything from growing up in a rough family where people only got married after someone turned up pregnant, to alcoholics and everything in between.<BR> <BR>Random visuals like Barack Obama having mayonnaise sandwiches with the Dixie Chicks will have you wondering how he comes up with such scenarios while you try to keep from falling out of your chair. He covers everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Oprah Winfrey with a fresh originality.<BR> <BR>John Moses is so wrong but so funny. If you are looking for something hilarious like you’ve never heard before, this CD is for you. </P> <P>Start your year off right and give On The Edge a listen. If you are like me you will be hoping to hear more from Moses before the year ends.<BR><A href="">BUY</A></P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.