Review: “Ending Addiction for Good” a step-by-step guide to wellness

Initially I was unsure that the book, “Ending Addiction for Good” could provide the information that the title promised.

Isn’t addiction recovery fraught with struggle, documented high percentages of relapse and feelings of failure? The typical cycle of using, then detoxing, some momentary clarity and then relapsing cycle is agonizing for the families and loved ones of addicts as well.

My skepticism was put to rest by the clear, direct language of the authors who share exactly how people can utilize a clear path to recover from their limiting habits that hamstring them at every turn.

The authors, Richard Taite and Constance Scharff, PhD, should know.  Both Taite and Scharff share their harrowing battles with addiction and their complete life transformations in recovery in this book. But the information in this reference self-help book are not based on just the authors’ life histories.



Taite is the CEO and founder of Cliffside Malibu, one of the nation’s leading addiction treatment residential centers and Scharff has a PhD specializing in addiction recovery. Together, they present a compelling treatment protocol that is well researched and tested, and that has proven to help those who struggle with addictions by changing their lives.



Their methodology is based on the psychological principles of the Stages of Change model and intensive one-on-one psychotherapy. With this, they couple physical therapies and holistic treatments that are chosen based on each individual person’s needs.  This mind-body-spirit approach to addiction treatment makes sense and the individualized nature of the treatment ensures that addicts get the specific support they need to recover.

Most important perhaps to note is that “Ending Addiction for Good” is an incredibly positive book. The authors dismiss the disease model of addiction treatment as demoralizing for the addict.

Instead, they propose and use a behavioral approach to addiction recovery that encourages the addict every step of the way. Addicts are “loved” into recovery, being told at every stage of the change process that they can and deserve to recover.

This positive reinforcement along with various therapies and medical treatments combined with the work to root out and overcome the causes of the addict’s addiction literally help the brain to heal.  By receiving positive, supportive, individualized treatment, addicts are profoundly changed. 

I whole-heartedly recommend “Ending Addiction for Good” to anyone with an addiction problem, those who love someone who struggles with addiction, or anyone looking to make a life change who wants to understand how to set themselves up for success.

While “Ending Addiction for Good” outlines an inpatient treatment protocol, the resources in the book are widely applicable to those with all sorts of negative habits that undermine their overall success in life. 

The book is available at Amazon and is being given away on Kindle from January 23rd  – 27th.

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