Product spotlight: Headsweats go-to source for work out hats and caps

I love working out.  The sense of accomplishment, the endorphins, the sweat!

The gear!

And no work-out ensemble is complete without the a great head accessory… I’m talking about the hat!  Nooo, not the big floppy Kentucky Derby head wear or the terribly British Fascinators that I am completely NOT fascinated with.  I’m talking real work out head gear from Headsweats.

Headsweats was founded by obsessed cyclist, Alan Romick who needed better gear for a more comfortable ride.  Soon other sports enthusiasts and professionals learned about this new headgear that stopped the sweat blindness, the weird sunburn patterns and the migrating sunscreen issues. 

Today, Headsweats has become my go-to place for work out hats and caps because of the great fit and materials.  Their most popular hat, the Race Hat is made of a Coolmax® fabric shell with a Coolmax terry headband which creates maximum airflow and the ultimate in moisture management. Fashion, comfort and protection from the sun all in one product… can we get an amen??

They also have up to 350 different collegiate logos for those wanting to express college loyalty.  Unfortunately they didn’t have my alma mater, USC, but I’m hoping that that changes in the near future! (hint, hint)


Headsweats has caps and visors with inspirational mantras like Run, 13.1 and 26.2 for the half marathoner or marathoner, der!! Or… Swim Bike Run hats for the triathlete.   Note to Headsweat people, you should have one that says  Run, Shoot, Jump, Shot Put, Hurdle, Discus, Vault  and Throw for the decathletes or actually the decathlete wannabes, I mean seriously, how many actual decathletes are out there?!

I wore the 13.1 visor and it fit like a glove… on my head.  Seriously, it was one of the most comfortable and snug visors I have ever worn.  don’t get all freaked out at the thought of a visor, I’m not talking about the old Asian mom-visor, you know what I mean, the one with the 5 inches  of surface space around the crown of your a blindingly white sear-sucker material.

The Headsweats 13.1 visor is actually making me think about running a real half marathon just so I don’t feel like such a lying dork when I wear it.


On a serious note, Headsweats is offering a limited edition Boston Headwear to raise money for the Boston Fund.   

“We wanted to find a way to support the runners, spectators, families, friends and all of those affected by the explosions in Boston” – Mike McQueeney, President of Headsweats.  So far they’ve raised almost $5000.  That’s pretty great!  To order your own go HERE

Come on, how can you not love that? 

Karen V. Stevens is a media gal, writer, producer, PR spin master and USC Trojan football enthusiast who wishes Decathalon events also included the limbo.   Hollah on Twitter

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