Online Spring Fashion Finds: Muse Apparel, Aventura, Cory Vines and eShakti

Since I quit smoking a few years ago, and still haven’t taken off all of the extra bulkage that comes with giving up that habit, I tend to wear black more often than not. 

It’s forgiving for most any body type, can be worn in any season and is very sexy.  It used to be that every gal had to have the “little black dress” as a wardrobe must, but I think it’s more important to have the little black blazer.


Muse Apparel offers what I consider the most wonderful take on a simple black blazer that can be worn to the office, on a date or for a casual lunch with friends.  The Ponte Blazer for $148 is a one button poly-mix jacket with sexy lapel details that make it stand out from your other basic blazers. 

It has a silk lining and is relatively light weight.  And, I just adore it.  Trust me when I say you will love it too.  You can match the Ponte Blazer with stuff you already have in your closet or you can also pick up their Skinny Ponte Pant.  What I especially like about the Skinny Ponte Pant, their version of these basic stretchy pant, is that they stretch with your body but then go back to normal when you take them off.  I hate my stretchy pants that I wear once and have to wash immediately to get them back to the right size.  Sure, it may make you feel like you’ve lost a ton of weight, but come on… who are we kidding? also has gorgeous and very sexy spring dresses to brighten up any sunny afternoon and, best thing about these lovely garments is that they are very stylish and fashion forward and appropriate for any age. 

Check out there website at


For something a little more casual to sport for weekend wear or running around town doing errands, let me introduce you to Aventura.  Most of Aventura fashions are made with Eco-Friendly materials and are made in the USA.   I love their Liz Capri Jeggings.  ($62) It is 54% hemp, 44% organic cotton and 2% spandex twill. 

That means they will get softer the more you wash them and they don’t wrinkle, you know what that means; great traveling pants made by women for women.  I just got it… I totally understand the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants now!  

These capris also have a three button snap detail on the hem to dress them up a bit and cute pocket details on the behind.  Ladies I am warning you, when you see it on the hanger, you might be a little dubious, but, as your mother might say, just try it on.  They have a great fit and hug you in all the right places (translation, it gives you an amazing rounded ass). 

You can pair the pants with one of their great looking tops… you won’t be disappointed.  Check out


Next on my list of must haves… Cory Vines is a young company that makes what I consider one of the best and affordable t-shirts for your work-out or just for hanging around.  First the negative about the shirt is that if you have a bit of a bra roll, it will show with the material they use, but ladies, get over it, because the positives outweigh the negative.

They use a light and breathable fabric with a subtle stretch that moves with you.  And, boy is this baby soft.  I didn’t know if I should wear it or cuddle it!  Cory Vines is just making tops now, for men and women, but they will start adding on to their line in the near future.  I can’t wait for their leggings, I am already dreaming about putting them on and never taking them off.   

For more info go to


Finally, let me introduce you to eShakti. This is an amazing fashion site that designs and customizes their clothes to fit your body…. Not Kate Moss’s or Kate Upton’s or any other perfectly sculpted “Kate-like” people out there, but your body.  Their dresses are uber-femme, boardering on “Stepford Wives,” but they are so cute that you don’t mind letting go of the snarky when you put it on.

Ordering an eShakti design is very easy, first you pick out the style, then you can opt to have a ready to wear dress or have it customized to fit your body; perhaps lowering the hem if you have amazing legs you want to show off or getting rid of the sleeve since it is close to summer or changing the collar to accentuate your décolletage. 

Isn’t that great, your own input on what you wear and it’s totally affordable! I got the Bird’s Eye View dress in red and I look adorable!  It’s very retro but without having that old musty, used clothing store feel to it.     

Definitely check them out at

Karen V. Stevens is a well dressed segment television producer, USC booster and media/pr consultant living in Los Angeles, California. You can follow her on Twitter

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