No One Would Listen looks at Harry Markopolos and Bernie Madoff

In No One Would Listen, Harry Markopolos details his investigation into the frighteningly true story of massive fraud, governmental incompetence, and criminal collusion that has changed thousands of lives forever – as well as the world’s financial system.

No One Would Listen is the story of Harry Markopolos, the whistleblower who discovered that crimes against investors were being committed by Bernie Madoff, whose Ponzi Scheme would ultimately become the biggest and longest-running financial investment fraud in history.

Madoff’s impact, both financially on individuals and institutions, continues to send shockwaves across the financial system and represents a major failure to investigate by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The unraveling of the Madoff investment fund will go down as the crowning story of an era that has ended with the most troubled, turbulent, and uncertain global economy.

How Madoff was enabled, by investors and fiduciaries alike, is nothing short of breath-taking and spell-binding. But how Madoff was allowed to operate by the SEC, despite repeated written and verbal warnings by whistleblower Harry Markopolos, is something that can only be told Harry himself and his team of financial sleuths.

No One Would Listen is now available at Amazon. Visit the book’s website for more information.

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