Nana jewelry back in vogue, thank ‘Mad Men’

In case you have been living under a rock you know that Mad Men is back on.  I’m thrilled about it! 

Not just because it’s a great show or because Jon Hamm is the package with “the package”!  

I’m thrilled about the return of the AMC period series set in the late 60’s because I love reliving the styles of my early, early, early childhood.  Everything was bright and bold and pleasantly obnoxious, including the jewelry.

When not getting sucked into Don Draper’s personal angst over aging, I get entertained by the styles that are getting a rebirth thanks to the show.   Ok, fine, I will admit it, I watch Mad Men because of the jewelry!   No matter if it’s Megan’s  florals and psychedelics or Peggy Olson’s working woman garb or Joan’s va-va-voom, they all nod to a slice of style that was prevalent in that era.

But where can we non-industry people doll up our outfits with the uber-cool Nana-like jewelry from Mad Men without spending a fortune? 

I have the answer for you!  My favorite website,

They have all things kitschy and stylish.  In fact, I found a great assortment of Bakelite-like pieces that could have come directly from the Mad Men wardrobe department.


Perfect example of this is the Split Color Bracelet by Aida Kibur, you can wear it solo or stack a few of them.  They are very light weight and slip easily over your hand.  They are on sale for only $18 and come in three different color options.  And, they are incredibly feminine without being silly girly!


I wear them with the Andrea tri-colored necklace from Life Adorned which is perfect because it’s not too matchy-matchy and I’m still making a retro-newtro fashion statement on my wrist and my neck.

The necklace is made up of three rows of different colored resin rectangles that are bright and bold and have a “look at me” vibe to them.  It is a great statement piece to add flair to any ensemble.

So check out and trust me when I say you will love and hate me because you will spend hours on their site looking at all their cool stuff instead of doing anything else.

Karen V. Stevens is a media gal, writer, producer, PR spin master and USC Trojan football enthusiast who rocks it Nana style.  Holllah on Twitter

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