Mother-daughter plastic surgery trend increases

Credit Melissa and Joan Rivers for this one: There’s a growing trend in plastic surgery, where mother and a daughter are each seeking tweaks and fixes to niggling problems.

Now, many family members are embarking on a new journey together– one of self improvement.

Last week, “Good Morning America” showed Los Angeles resident Stefanie, 38, who decided to undergo cosmetic surgery with her 65-year-old mother, Lynda, who lives Montreal.

Stefanie is ready for a mini mommy makeover to address sagging breasts and a pooch belly, and mum Lynda hates her neck.

The pair wanted some bonding over beauty time and thought it was ”a nice thing” for them to do because they “could be a support system” for each other.

Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Peter B. Fodor took care of the two and expressed his opinion that it was good to have a support system while on the mend.

Dr. Fodor shares in the video that the post-op healing mother and daughter offer major emotional support to each other.  This allegedly lessens the downtime feeling, and helps boosts spirits. 


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