Merrick Pet Care food review, plus Charlie needs a home

As a proud dog foster parent I can brag that I have helped rescue and save numerous dogs from certain death.  Most of the dogs that come to me from The Furry Angels Foundation (  are small, scared and definitely undernourished. 

My first thought as a rescuer and a Jewish mama-type is that they must be fed… a lot and immediately!  I am a whiz at cooking up bland chicken and rice to help them fatten up while trying to avoid an upset tummy and the issues that arise from that.

Most of the dogs I have helped are just happy to eat… but not my newest, Charlie.  He came to me at 9 lbs and you could see his hip bones sticking out like an anorexic teenage model; it was very unsettling.

The first night Charlie was with me he happily ate the kibble I left out, but since then has turned his nose up to anything but real chicken.  From stray to snob in a few short hours!

I tried a variety of different kibble brands and accidently found the one brand that he loves.  Merrick Pet Care.   I got a sample size of the Chicken and Green Pea Recipe and Charlie actually ate the whole bowl and then started begging for more.   


Just a little back story here. About 20 years ago, Garth Merrick started his company with a line of natural pet treats before “natural” was in style for man’s best buds. His company is still family owned and operated and they only use real whole foods from local growers.  (While I’m a big fan of Chinese food, I don’t want my dog food made in China!!)

Merrick has two distinct styles of foods: Classic Recipes with 20% grain and Grain Free Recipes that are comprised of 70% meat/poultry or fish and 30% fruits and veggies.  Along with the dry food choices they also have a wet menu selection that sounds yummy and international… Cowboy Cookout, French Country Café, Brauts-N-Tots, Mediterranean Banquet, and more. Now if YOU can dine on different cuisine every night, then why can’t your dog?


We know Charlie totally digs the kibble, but what about the wet food?  Today he tried the Grammy’s Chicken Pot Pie.  First thing I noticed when I opened the tin, it didn’t smell like typical canned, congealed, nasty by-product stinky food that you get when you open a can of regular dog food. 

Merrick’s actually smelled like what it purported to be, chicken pot pie.  I even had my intern give it a sniff just to make sure I wasn’t off base.  When I gave it to Charlie he wolfed it up… I mean, really gobbled it.  It was like that 1970’s Folger’s commercial… “Gee, Charlie never enjoys my cooking like he enjoys Merricks”.

You can buy Merrick’s online at  or use their location finder for a retailer near you.  Made in the USA!

Adopt Me says Charlie!

“Adopt Me” says Charlie!


By the way, with the NFL play-offs this weekend, Charlie will be dining on Merrick Pet Care’s  “Game Day Tailgate”  but he’s a Seahawks fan so he really doesn’t care who wins! 

Guest reporter Karen V. Stevens is a segment television producer, USC booster and media/pr consultant living in Los Angeles, California. You can follow her on Twitter

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