Mama wants: A tight core! ‘Coregeous’ DVD delivers wealth of benefits

The first time you meet fitness guru Jill Miller, you feel the energy radiating off her fit and toned frame. Her always full-to-capacity classes at the Equinox clubs across the country are one of the best investments you can make.

Miller uses medical terms in familiar context to explain what you are doing in class, and by the end of a session, you feel smarter, immersed in a great educational experience and certainly more aware of what you’re doing with your body at any given moment. She teaches you to respect your spine, health and precious mobility.

Jill Miller’s tutelage in the art of pain management and core strength (her coined term “core-so” will work its way into your vocabulary) will readjust how you approach your fitness routine. Miller will have you preaching her Gospel of Proprioception, the body’s ability to sense movement within joints and joint position, mastering your body’s blind spots, to your Yoga and Pilates instructors who may not be aware and pushing too hard to do the “pose” instead of understanding the inherent dangers of an aggressive workout.


She believes you don’t have to beat yourself up to get fit, and her new DVD,  ‘Coregeous,’ is one exercise tutorial that every Yoga, Pilates and fitness trainer should have in their arsenal of continuing education.

It’s revelatory, and done in the classic Jill Miller style of taking big, complicated subjects with hard to pronounce words, breaking them down in completely easy to follow instructions.

Your core muscles are found in the torso of the body, in the mid and lower back, the abdomen, the neck, pelvis and buttocks, wrapping around the spine.  These muscles (dubbed your “core-so” by Miller) are the central muscles in the body and are essential to maintaining movement, posture and a youthful physique.


This is the age of poor posture, with tablets, laptops and smartphones having us all looking down, slumping and generally oblivious to our body. “Coregeous” is a step-by-step path to stronger core muscles, making it easier for you to maintain a good posture.  And if you’re posture is good, you’ll look like you’ve lost weight, and you will feel profoundly better. Strong core muscles will help you to sit properly.  When your posture is good, less pressure is placed on your muscles and bones so it’s easier to move freely.

A big underscore here is that you will look younger far longer, and no scalpels are needed.  A telltale sign of old age is the hunched and shrinking posture that many people develop.  Miller’s Coregeous teaches you to safely stretch your spine out properly to negate the bad habits and toll of time.

Poor posture pushes the bones in the spine together.  If your posture is poor for a long period of time, ultimately the bones will want to stay in that position until it becomes impossible to straighten and lengthen the spine.  

Jill Miller, whose therapeutic approach to Yoga through Yoga Tune Up® series of workouts was made famous by her revolutionary Yoga Balls, now wants your core to be gorgeous and strong, or as she puts it “Coregeous” in her latest DVD.


She combines exercise with physical therapy and self care techniques, and “Coregeous” continues this but in a more focused effort.  Not only are you toning your core muscle group, you’re getting excellent information on how to relieve and protect the key areas we feel pain: Your neck, hips and shoulder muscles thanks to how we work. Our grandparents never sat for hours upon hours at a computer.

The setting for the DVD is familiar; anyone can set up a Coregeous workout place in front of the TV. You will need some basic equipment – Yoga Tune Up Balls, a stability ball, Yoga block, a Coregeous tummy ball, although if you don’t, she gives you substitutes.

For under $20, you receive priceless knowledge on how to turn your “core-so” into your body’s first line of defense from injury.

The sequence:

Core Re-Form

This segment provides a deep-tissue massage to release knots and trigger points while activating connections to respiratory muscles that support your spine and core.  

Get COREganized

This segment establishes teaches spinal alignment and proper breathing technique by using all of your “Core-so” muscles to improve access to the innermost abdominals including transverse abdominals, diaphragm, iliopsoas, obliques, and more.


This segment builds a strong lower back and revitalizes the muscles of the ribcage to stitch the seams of your torso together from top to bottom. Awaken quadratus lumborum, lattisimus dorsi, serratus anterior and more!

Get COREgeous

This segment is the polish as it challenges your balance and engages all of your core muscles to master stability, agility and fluidity while challenging your balance in different gravitational planes. The entire body works together as one seamless unit.

Also included:

Tubular Core Activation establishes proper breath mechanics.
Abdominal Massage improves overall circulation and locates abdominal knots and adhesions.
My favorite part: The Nauli Kriya, hypnotic Abdominal Churning shows you Miller’s amazing mastery of her core muscles.

You can do it! You just have to start. This is a fantastic Mother’s Day gift for moms of all ages.


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