Magic Mike – Blu-ray Review – VIDEO ADDED!

“Welcome to the crazy club kid.”

I’m certainly not the intended audience for this film, but Magic Mike worked his pole on both a salacious, if you’re the audience, and dramatic level.  Mike is a stripper with a heart of gold and abs to match.  Mike did work some magic, but more less for the stripper aspects. 

Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) has many odd jobs, but his most profitable might be at Xquisite, a strip club.  One of those odd jobs is roofing where he meets Adam (Alex Pettyfer) who can’t seem to hold down a job. 

He goes out with his sister Brooke (Cody Horn) and her date hoping to get Adam a job but he’s bored with that talk.  He goes outside and runs into Mike again. 

Mike recruits him to help out at the club as long as Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) approves.  Adam may be nineteen, but as long as Adam is only helping out.  When one of the dancers passes out, Adam takes the state. 

Underage or not as long as it is making a profit, Dallas doesn’t care.  Mike does have a semi-regular girl (Olivia Munn) but when he meets Brooke he starts to fall.  Fall also becomes Adam as he succumbs to the dark side of stripping. 

You usually see these types of stories told from the female perspective.  Mike is magic from many perspectives.  He knows custom furniture, is charming, has business smarts, and has no troubles taking it all off – a stripper with a heart of gold. 

Part of the film comes from Channing’s life since he stripped, but the story is fiction built around those experiences.  Mike is tasked with taking care of Adam, but we know that the fall is coming for the young buck when he starts falling into the dark side.

You know you’ve hit rock bottom when a miniature pig is eating your vomit.  Tatum is all charm and trying to make something better of his life but his credit score is bad.  Tellingly he tries to iron out and press his stripper cash to keep it from looking like it got shoved down his g-string. 

However, his stripping brings in the ladies but can’t seem to get him into legitimacy as far as the business world is concerned. 

McConaughey is also all greasy Southern charm as he trains Adam in the ways of the “stick” and works up the crowd with his patter in the club.  You know you’ve just come into the club to see the beefcake ladies.  I watch those girl stripper movies because it’s a part of film criticism.  Cough, cough. 

Magic Mike is presented in a 1080p transfer (2.40:1).  Special features include the 7 minute “Backstage on Magic Mike” behind the scenes, the 18 minute “Dance Play Mode” that puts all the stripteases together, and 8 minutes of extended dances.  Ladies get your dollar bills ready.  You also get a DVD and digital copy. 

Magic Mike has some magic, but you have to get past the stripping.  Though some of you may just be going for that and wonder why all that drama keeps intruding.  There’s a bit of both, but the story seems like we’ve seen it before (tellingly the film starts off with the older Warner Brothers logo, I did notice that). 

Even stranger I heard some offices took the ladies to see the film as a “team building” exercise.  Wha?? (the next day at work did somebody ask to see how Big Dick Richie solved this workplace issue??)  To each their own but it’s an old tale just dressed up with beefcake. 

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