Lucent Dossier Experience at LA landmark The Palace July 28

Avant Garde troupe Lucent Dossier’s spellbinding performances, Haute Couture costuming, and avant-garde concepts have won them praise for their shows at Coachella (5 consecutive years), the Grammy Celebration (3 years) and Electric Picnic Festival in Ireland (5 years).

Lucent Dossier Experience will host a special engagement next week at the Downtown Palace Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 28.

From their explosive beginnings to performing and touring with Black Eyed Peas, Motley Crue, Panic! at the Disco, The Flaming Lips, KT Tunstall, Cindy Lauper, Infected Mushroom, Bassnectar, David Guetta, The Crystal Method, Christina Aguilera and more, Lucent Dossier Experience is the world-renowned, critically acclaimed live performance experience birthed in the heart of the LA underground art and music scene. Lucent Dossier Experience is recognized as the pioneers of an artistic revolution sweeping the globe.



Their unique fashion and their wild, completely innovative style of performance can be seen woven in the hip cultural landscape that is now enchanting the mainstream of America and the world.

Their year long, sold-out weekly residency in LA brought them an almost cult like following with fans lining up around the block to experience the ground breaking event. Superstars such as Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson, Ringo Starr, Lindsay Lohan, Calvin Klein, Paris Hilton, Jessica Biel and more arrived on a weekly basis. They have been featured on networks including BRAVO, VH1, MTV and hired by Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. They have been photographed by Steven Meisel for VOGUE and praised in SPIN, KERRANG!, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and more.

They have captured the hearts and minds of thousands worldwide over the past 6 years and are gearing up to launch their own traveling dome show spring 2012 called the Forbidden OM. This will create the first opportunity for them to bring their unique, fully immersive experience to the world.

Lucent Dossier Experience writes:

“We’ve finally settled back in at home after traipsing the globe, performing our antics and unleashing our special brand of magic… and we’ve realize that we haven’t reeeeealy shared with you how we ended up at The Palace and what secret plans we have for you. Some of the story will remain a mystery (though you might get it out of us night of, if the libations are as liberal as we suspect).

So here it goes:

The 100 year old theater, former home of W. C. Fields and Harry Houdini, has been all but abandoned for more then 40 years… yes Dreamgirls, with Beyonce, filmed there, Juliian Casablancas of The Strokes played a show there, a movie or two flickered on the screen and a few mice made merry… but, for the most part, night after night, season after season, the theater has stood all but silent… until one night, while out for a walk from our new downtown warehouse, we discovered a tiny back door unlocked and open.

A few nimble Lucent’s slipped inside in the still of the night. There in middle of the dusty gold embellished auditorium a light began to glow within our soul. We could see the room come alive, performers gliding through the aisles, music filling the air, aerial silks flowing from the stage, dancers dancing, lovers loving. In that moment there was just us, but in our dreams there was also you…..

That’s when we realized…WE JUST CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!! 

So we made a plan…

It would be like us to create a night totally underground and beyond the law… and we have… but this time we have brought in extra forces to create a night both wild and secure….a night a full of the magic and mystery that you would only expect from Lucent.  If you think it’s simply sitting in a chair and observing a show, think again! 

All that we have to give, we will be pouring out of our souls on this special night at The Palace, swaddled among deep scarlet curtains and pastoral murals of a time past.  Secret encounters with sepia stained performers in hidden passage ways, wild tribal thumping from our very own orchestra, delicious indulgences to loosen your inhibitions, dance inducing beats from our music makers and the lovely Imagika, live art, sculptures, AND as you finally slip into your beautiful red velvet seat, a show to blow your mind.

After the full blown stage show  invite you to play with us even longer!  We invite you to the after party as we celebrate together!  We invite you to dance with us on our stage, to caress the garland draped columns of the past! We invite you to linger in the hallways and corridors once traveled by Fred Astaire, The Marx Brothers and French acting sensation Sarah Bernhardt.