Lucas Bryant talks Haven: Season One DVD and Season Two on SyFy

Lucas Bryant is having the time of his thespian life on the supernatural series “Haven” based on a story by Stephen King. 

Lucas plays Nathan Wuornos, a soft spoken but dedicated deputy in a tiny fishing village in Maine who has his hands full with his job and private life.  His father (Nicholas Campbell) is the chief of police and their relations ship is complicated, to say the least. 

He’s also dealing with Audrey (Emily Rose), an attractive a federal agent who has come to Haven to investigate “the troubles”, a series of deadly supernatural events that have plagued the town. 

Monsters and Critics spoke with Bryant as he took a break from shooting an episode for Season 2 of the Showcase/SyFy series.

M&C: Okay, Lucas, you’re onset in a seaside village in picturesque Nova Scotia.  Life is hard!  What are you shooting today?

Bryant: Today’s story is that we are halfway through episode 7.  I can tell you that a kid has gone missing. We’re dealing with a kidnapping.  It’s heavy.  Especially this season, the storylines are heavy. 

The producers think people can take more death and destruction.  Last year we’d send victims to the hospital telling them that everything’s going to be okay.  This year, people are dropping like flies.

M&C: It’s set in an idyllic world, hardly the place where so much unease is created.  It’s such a great contrast and really creepy.

Bryant: We’re shooting in Chester, Nova Scotia, a post card perfect fishing village and it provides the ideal backdrop for this weird perfect little town.  On the outside everything looks lovely and idyllic and houses are painted pretty colors.

It’s charming and you’re feeling it already.  And under the surface of this otherwise perfect exterior there are these weird rumblings.

M&C: How great that the series is supernatural because really there are no rules.  The sky’s the limit.

Bryant: It’s a free-for-all!  It’s great because people can use their imagination. Even this season when we have everyone dropping dead there is always a chance that they can come back.

M&C: It’s a reflection of real life, minus the supernatural, in that everyone has their story – a microcosm of the world.

Bryant: Totally.  And they are this season getting trying to bring back character in first season. Fans get a sense of the local population, of this town and know the inhabitants. 

It’s like Twin Peaks; they’re all eccentrics, the weirdo who runs the general store and the crazy teacher and psycho reverend. 

Not that they’re all weird.  I’m suggesting merely that especially in a small town where you do get to know that, yeah, there’s a big pit of strangeness under everything.

M&C: Your character, the town deputy, is really a brat with his father the chief of police!

Bryant: It’s interesting that I see things in one way.  He’s difficult!  He’s gone overboard, gone overboard.  That’s the way it is especially in the close relationship of father and son.  Everyone has their perspective.  Nathan’s dad is hard on him, but as I am finding out this season, he had his own reasons. 

My dad turned into a statue and exploded into a billion pieces at the end of last season. So that left me rocked – and guilty.  I felt guilty because there was so much unsaid between us.  Next season, I am trying to fill his shoes and I’m learning a lot.  Some fishy stuff.

M&C: Did you learn police skills, marksmanship, police procedures?

Bryant: I did do a ride along with the LAPD. I know it would be different than a ride along in Haven! But that was very cool.  This year we went out for gun training which was a blast.  As you know with the series we take liberties.  I hope Audrey and I get to keep our “cop-y” behavior, as much cop-y behavior as possible! 

M&C: What story lines appealed to you most in the first season that’s on DVD now?

Bryant: I really liked episode 3 called Harmony where I got to go totally crazy. I’m affected by the “troubles”.  That made me wacko and I got into a big fight with Duke.  Nathan’s a bit reserved so it freaked him out. 

It was a blast to play that and then the Chameleon episode 9 which was fun.  I went wacko we were all stuck in a big honking warehouse, and there were some big reveals. And the season finale!!! It was the perfect culmination of the first season.  It all goes to hell in a great way!

M&C: What a lot of fun!

Bryant: It kind of is, I’m totally blessed and being here with these people, I know it sounds cheese ball but we totally get along stupid well.  WE all love being there.

M&C: The series is inspired by a Stephen King story The Colorado Kid. Are there references to King in the series?

Bryant: There are, and the writers have gotten a kick out of dropping Easter eggs through the episodes so fans of all his work will find some more obvious references and some obscure.  He’s not visited sadly, he is aware of it and we have his blessing.  We’ve been bugging him to do a cameo but so far he hasn’t.

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