Lostbound Memory: Works by Joe Ely and Marie Ely Set for Showing In Austin

Texas rocker Joe Ely will be exhibiting his art in Austin, TX.

Lostbound Memory: Works by Joe Ely and Marie Ely will be a two-monthlong exhibition of approximately forty mixed media pieces that document the artistic musings of the legendary Texas musician Joe Ely and his creative progeny, Marie Ely.

The exhibit runs from November 5, 2013 to January 5, 2014

DEN Property Group will present this exhibition at their downtown space The DEN in collaboration with Taylor Livingston.

This will mark the first time these works have been featured together in the public realm.


Joe Ely’s drawings, photography and sculpture have been instrumental to his creative process as a singer-songwriter over the past 50 years. His work often reveals the beautiful visual simplicity that comes from stopping to focus on a single object or view and yet there is an unmistakable raw action present that insinuates a complex mental, emotional, and visceral journey.  

Marie Ely is a prolific photographer and artist. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and has worked internationally in the contemporary arts in all its manifestations. Her work encapsulates deep earthy moods accented by light and spectrums of color culminating to evoke a pure sensual aesthetic. Her subjects are often landscapes, cityscapes and the people that inhabit them.

From the release:

LOSTBOUND MEMORY will explore the narrative of two generations of gypsies and their parallel yet distinct interpretations of a world based on the nomadic principles of rock and roll culture. The relationship between father and daughter’s art while subtle does contain clear thematic associations. Both artists’ work documents their ever-changing social and physical environments. However, no matter how far they travel it is evident that Austin remains their hometown.

The DEN is a two-story multi-purpose real estate studio, gallery and gathering place located in Austin, Texas. It functions as an experimental space for both professionals and creative contemporaries alike that make up Austin’s thriving community. Featuring modern design The DEN promotes collaborations ranging from avant-garde art installations to private events to impromptu meetings. The DEN is located at the NW corner of the W Hotel Downtown.  

Taylor Livingston is a Texas native who has collaborated with internationally renowned artists, curators, institutions and brand partners to bring multi-faceted art endeavors to fruition. Taylor is a co-founder of Apart Projects, an art project management firm based in Los Angeles, and is currently the Director of The Hopper Art Trust that manages Dennis Hopper’s artwork. Most recently, she has taken the position as the new Curatorial Director of The DEN.

A private reception will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 from 7 PM to 10 PM at The DEN to kick off the LOSTBOUND MEMORY: Works by Joe Ely and Marie Ely exhibition.