Leave Carrie Fisher alone! Actress does karaoke, slammed by British press

One of our brightest writers, actress Carrie Fisher was cutting loose and having fun on what appeared to be a gay men’s cruise ship, singing karaoke style in an informal setting.

Except someone recorded her and the Daily Mail proclaimed Fisher was having a “bizarre” cruise ship experience.

Really? Fisher has always been up front about her struggles with bipolar disorder, and seemed to be having fun with her friends on stage in a very informal and quasi-private sing along with a small audience.

Now it is reported that Fisher was taken to hospital for treatment following this event.

According to TMZ, a rep for the actress attributed the whole ordeal to Ms Fisher’s ongoing battle with the mental disorder after a video of her appearance surfaced online.

In the video Fisher is on a small stage aboard a Holland America Eurodam ship in the Caribbean, with her dog having an accident on stage while she sang.

Carrie appeared on stage as a ‘surprise’ celebrity guest and after her discharge from the hospital, the rep told TMZ, “There was a medical incident related to Carrie Fisher’s bipolar disorder. She went to the hospital briefly to adjust her medication and is feeling much better now.”


Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.