La Figa: Visions of Food and Form a sensual feast

If you were looking for an excellent book to give a food and art lover,
“La Figa: Visions of Food and Form” is your find.

Sexual, seductive, stirring and sumptuous, artist and award winning-chef Tiberio Simone and photographer Matt Freedman have collaborated on an artistic vision that celebrates life and all the shapes, pleasures and tastes of humanity and the food that feeds it.



Sex and food are linked by the pleasure sensation. The velvet smooth intensity of a piece of good chocolate or perfectly ripe fruit exploding in the mouth makes people swoon with near orgasmic rapture.



Tapping into this experience, Freedman and Simone unite and celebrate these two sensuous joined at the hip pleasures.

Food and sex are fundamental needs.  Italian artist Tiberio Simone is a true creative visionary using the human body as his canvas and food as his paintbrush. Simone’s edible masterpieces spring to life from the page, offering viewers a chance to reconnect their understanding of food, sexuality, and how the two feed one another. The beautifully illustrated coffee table book takes the two fundamental human appetites in a way that elevates and celebrates both with the utmost taste.



The La Figa collection of photos is a feast for the eyes. The human form, male, female, thin, fat, older and younger is decorated with various foods, and the compositions are arresting, thoughtful and revealing.



“La Figa: Visions of Food and Form” features a spectacular collection of sensual photography, as models wearing nothing but the edible creations of James Beard award-winning chef Tiberio Simone.

Using the human body as his canvas, and natural fresh ingredients as his paint, Simone’s elegant and tasteful nude images are the culmination of a five-year collaboration with photographer Matt Freedman.

Not just a photography book, La Figa is a celebration of Simone’s vision of food and touch as the basic ingredients of life — with recipes, writing about food and sensuality, and the story of how he become the ‘pleasure activist’ he is today. The book features over 160 full color images, with 20 recipes and 40 essays about food, love, and life. 


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