Kiwi Crates for kids best new gift idea, creativity sparker

I remember when I was in grade-school and Friday was the fun day, usually centered around arts and crafts. I looked forward to it every week and counting off the days that were filled with history and English and math (damn those fractions). 

Those Fridays, we kids would put on our father’s old dress shirts that doubled as smocks and get our hands dirty, paint-y and glue-y building paper mache thingys that were supposed to be rocket ships or poster board doo-hickeys that should have been our favorite farm animals to give to our parents with wide smiles and pride.   (Even to this day, whenever I see an egg carton I wonder what fun things I can create with it)

But these days it’s so hard to get your kids excited about the simple, fun projects that lets us explore our creative sides.  So I wanted to introduce you to  They supply a way to have fun with your kids this summer without turning on the TV, Play Station, Xbox, Wii, Video game… you get my drift.

Kiwi Crates is an ingenious way to bond with the young’uns of the family old school style; with paper and glue and streamers and markers and rubber bands and clay and tissue paper, and and and.  Kiwi Crates puts together DIY projects for the kids with your help.


Every month a new DIY crate comes in the mail that includes fun projects.  They are all kid-led and driven with grown up assistance, not the other way around.  These projects are for youngsters from 3-7 years old.

The crates are not a one size fits all kit.  You design them and hand-select the projects with a “design team”, to make sure every project is engaging and appealing to the kids.  And, every project is reviewed by an advisory board of experts that ensures that they are developmentally appropriate for your child and not to easy or difficult as the case may be, they are designed to encourage learning and fun.  Then, every project is kid tested before they add it to their menu of projects.

The boxes come every month (depending on the subscription) and have one to four projects in them.

Some activities include:

Making a kite with poster board and streamers

Building a rocket with cones and stickers

Creating stained glass with colorful tissue paper

Make your own dinosaur fossil with clay

All projects come with easy to follow directions.  You can purchase a single crate for $19.95 or subscribe for the year at $16.95/month.  This is also a great gift idea. 

Karen V. Stevens is a media gal, writer, producer, PR spin master and USC Trojan football enthusiast who is quietly peeling some Elmer’s Glue off her hands. Hollah on Twitter

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