Kids’ View Review: Wreck-It Ralph – CLIPS ADDED!

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph is truly a stunning masterpiece and a great present to gamers everywhere. 

The familiar concept of normally inanimate objects having a completely unknown life is one used in a lot of movies, but Wreck-It Ralph takes it to an all new level.

This time the characters from various arcade games can travel into the power strip and visit each other.

This becomes obvious within minutes as Ralph visits the Pacman arcade console for the weekly “Bad-Anon”, a support group for all of the villains in the arcade games.

The plotline was beautifully crafted and it is a really creative and emotional story. The first thing that happens is Ralph stating his problem like the characters in every other movie do. What makes it stand out from the others? Ralph states his problem through glorious 8-bit visuals and sound – which fit his narration perfectly.

He talks about how he has been a bad guy for 30 years and how he doesn’t want to be a villain. After being treated bad by the people of his arcade game, he just leaves and tries to earn a metal. He gets one in a Gears of War / Halo / Mass Effect style game called Hero’s Duty. When he crashes into a Mario-kart style game called Sugar Rush, he meets a small child named Vanellope, who can’t race in the game because she is a “glitch” in the program.

She steals his medal and uses it to enter a race (thinking it was a token), and Ralph is forced to help her because that is the only way he can get it back.

The music is fantastic, fitting the three game worlds perfectly. The game Ralph belongs to, Fix it Felix Jr, is a 1981 Donkey Kong style arcade game, and the 8-bit music fits it perfectly. It provides nostalgia to plenty of people who grew up with it. Later on, Ralph lands in Sugar Rush, a 1997 racing game.  Remember the out-of-control techno that played in almost every mid-90s game? Sugar Rush’s music is a perfect example of that, as it is mostly crazy and the words to the main theme aren’t even translated.

Ralph also goes through the world of Hero’s Duty, the 2012 FPS game. It features a wild guitar theme that really sets the freaky mood of the game. It really is an amazing soundtrack.
The visuals of the movie are also really great. Colorful, bright, and detailed, it’s what we have come to expect from Disney. The cameos from all of our favorite game characters are in the movie too, Sonic appears at least 4 times, Street Fighter took almost half the stage, and at least two Mario references were made.

While Wreck-It Ralph was great, it did have flaws. The first is that too much of the film took place in Sugar Rush. More than half the movie took place in the candy go kart game, which is fun at first but after half an hour of candy jokes and lollipop forests it starts to get sickening.

The second is how annoying some of the voices are. Vanellope is plain obnoxious, and since she is in pretty much the entire second half of the movie be prepared to get a headache. Other than that this is a really good movie.

I give it 4 stars. It really is a trip through gaming history with a deep story and has interesting concepts.

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