Kids’ View Review: Winnie the Pooh Blu-ray

I was surprised by this show. After Disney took Pooh into the wonderful world of computer generated pre-school shows that my baby sister has being raised on, I was relieved when we got this DVD.

The moment it started, my sister was laughing hard. The narrator (John Cleese) was yelling at Pooh to wake up and was shaking the “book” Pooh was in until Pooh fell out of bed with even more laughs.

Of course, Pooh is hungry so he starts singing the Tummy Song – resulting in more laughs and a dancing toddler blocking my view.

This movie was a great HD experience, and the best I’ve seen on Blu-ray. The art team (Lorelay Bove, Joe Pitt, and many others) have created great hand drawn visuals for the movie – such as the chalk style of the Backson Song, or Pooh’s Honey World.

The music was just fantastic! As if the colorful visuals aren’t enough to entertain my baby sister, it has the best soundtrack ever! There is not a single song that my sister will not dance to, and I love the Tummy Song, the Backson Song, the Honey Song. It even has good music during the credits!

The plot had 3 parts to it: Pooh is out of honey and is dramatically starving; Eeyore lost his tail and needs a new one; and Owl claims Christopher Robin has been captured by a monster called a Backson.

The movie shifts from each part constantly. It starts with Pooh looking for honey in Eeyore’s house and noticing his tail is gone. Everyone brings a new tail to Eeyore, but soon it is back to Pooh again looking for honey.

Pooh discovers a note from Christopher Robin (voiced by Jack Boulter). He runs to Owl (the smart one) for an explanation on what it says. Owl is busy placing a new tail on Eeyore, which takes the show back to the 2nd problem. After that, Owl misinterprets the note which says Christopher Robin will be back soon, but Owl interprets it as a note from a monster called the Backson.

After a catchy song about what a Backson does, Rabbit comes up with a plan to save Christopher Robin.

While the plot was pretty average, the many features kept me entertained while my sister watched it for the 500th time.

On the special features, the deleted scenes were interesting, most of them were simply cut because of pacing issues. I liked the cut version of Pooh finding a tail for Eeyore, as it gives more views of Pooh’s humble home. There were also two extra deleted scenes on the Blu-ray disc, including a full color deleted Eeyore intro.

Also, I found many hidden stuff within the movie. At the end of Pooh’s adventure, the camera zooms out of Pooh’s book, which closes. I paused the show right before the book closed and was able to read the secret of why Pooh craves honey – which made me want to restart the movie just so I could see if there were any other secrets hidden.

Overall, this movie was great. It’s as close to the original as it can get, and good enough to absorb entire families. Pooh may have been wrecked with his computer generated show for babies, but this really has Pooh back to his best. I give this movie five stars. Disney has beautifully crafted it in every element, and has created a masterpiece.

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